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Educate your state rep campaign!

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  • Genie Hayes
    Calling FairTax volunteers, Across the country, we are working on an educate your state rep and state senator (NOT FEDERAL) campaign. We have asked for help
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005

      Calling FairTax volunteers,


      Across the country, we are working on an "educate your state rep and state senator" (NOT FEDERAL) campaign.  We have asked for help from regional, state and district directors.   We need to now ask you.


      Folks we are on a deadline on this project.  We would like to have signed letters in from state reps by the end of July.   We have the letters, instructions and research ready. 


      So, if you have not offered to help on this project yet – we need you to now.  It's pretty simple. You email the letter out, call the rep, get him to sign it and fax or email it back to you.  Then you get it to us.


      Right now we have one volunteer in Colorado working on this, 1 in CT., 3 in Florida, 2 in Georgia and no one in Delaware.


      If you are willing to help – we need to know as soon as possible. Indiana, Ohio and South Carolina are covered.  Everywhere else in the country is wide open! 


      Let's get to work – if you can help send me an email at genie@... before Tuesday with "state rep" in the subject line and your state and city. Let me know if you can do 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 reps.  Your choice.


      Bill Rollyson volunteer regional director is heading up this project.  Right now we have 60 volunteers working on it- that’s not near enough – we need at least 250.  I will give yall an update at the end of the holiday to let you know how many we are up to and if we have your state covered yet.  Bill and I will be on this all weekend – help us out folks – we got a lot of reps to cover. 




      Genie Hayes

      Grassroots and Communications


      1-800-FAIRTAX #137




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