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CODEPINK UCF & Orlando Sweep the House

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  • Deidra
    Sorry if this is a dupe, life has been catching up with me this week and I m not sure which way I m going, forwards or backwards. I do know that this was a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2008
      Sorry if this is a dupe, life has been catching up with me this week and I'm not sure which way I'm going, forwards or backwards.  I do know that this was a great event and I am so glad to be working with you all!   On to March!

      Members of CODEPINK UCF, Central Florida Movement for a Democratic Society [SDS], Orlando Progressive Alliance, UCF Campus Peace Action and CODEPINK Orlando brought brooms and wore aprons to SWEEP the House in support of the Iraq War Moratorium at Congressman Ric Keller's office on February 15 at noon and later again during 5pm rush hour.

      Annie of CODEPINK UCF was interviewed by WDBO Radio.
      Channel 9 also came out but ran no footage on air.

      Alan Grayson [for Congress] & Deidra at Rush Hour.

      Sandy got most creative on the apron!

      Jay and Cindy Jury with pooch Abbey

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