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FW: Memorial Day / help needed

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  • Jacqueline Betz
    Hi CodePINKgainesville, and see msg to Scott below... Below is a message from Scott regarding the Memorial Weekend display at Westwood Park in Gainesville.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2008
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      Hi CodePINKgainesville, and see msg to Scott below...
        Below is a message from Scott regarding the Memorial Weekend display at Westwood Park in Gainesville.  The CodePINK Peace Ribbon will be on display along with the gravestone display and cost of war display.  WE NEED HELP.  Please let me or Scott know if you can help out during this 3 day event. 
      Hi Scott,
        I plan to be at Westwood Park helping with the setup on the early morning of Saturday, May 24.  I plan to spend all day there; take a little break in the evening and return to spend the night Saturday night. I plan to bring my tent as well as some chairs.  I plan to bring PINK LEMONADE, too and hope other CodePINK women will bring some PINK LEMONADE.  I thought I'd spend Sunday night in my tent there at the park again; go to the GHFC gym on some breaks to keep smelling and looking PINK and, of course, help with take down and clean up Monday evening.
        Sign me up.  I'll be there! - Jackie

      To: s.camil@...
      Subject: Memorial Day / help needed
      From: s.camil@...
      Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 13:49:48 -0400


      Veterans for Peace will be putting up our Memorial Day display again this year.  Last year we used the south side of 8th avenue and put up 3843 personalized tombstones in order of date of death, representing American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The display was up for one day.

      This year we have a permit for 3 days, the whole Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26.

      This year we will be separating the Afghanistan and the Iraq tombstones because we have run out of room on the south side of the street
      so we are putting Afghanistan on the north side of the street.

      Last year 50 volunteers showed up at 4 a.m. to set up the tombstones which took slightly over 2 hours to set up.  This year we will need more help because we will be working on both sides of the street.

      Presently we are almost done with the construction of an additional 800 tombstones.

      Please respond to this e-mail if you can help.  Your response needs to be specific as to which of the following
      parts of the project you will help with

      1) Labeling ;   We will need volunteers to put the personal information labels on the tombstones. (date and time to be announced)

      2) Set up;  4 a.m. on the morning of Saturday May 24th.

      3) Presence, We will maintain a physical presence at the site from 4 a.m. Saturday morning the 24th of May
      through Monday May 26th at sundown when we will then take everything down and repack.  After sundown each
      day we will need a minimum of 4 persons at all times, 2 at the east end and 2 at the west end of the display.  When you
      sign up for this be very specific about the day and the hours that you will be there, ie, Sunday night May 25th from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m..
      We also need day volunteers but this will be easier to fill than the night shifts.  Even if you feel you can only give 1 hour in the day
      we need and appreciate all help.  
      Some of you may have more flexibility and can fill in wholes that we may end up with especially at night.  If you are in this category
      let me know the parameters of your availability.

      4) Take down; Monday night at sundown, take down repack and clean up.

      5) Cost of War display;  At the same time we will be setting up the Cost of War display again on the north side of the street.
      Mary Bahr is again coordinating this part. Mary can be contacted at,  kmlisle@...

      6) Peace Ribbon;  Jacquie Betz of Code Pink will be setting up the Peace Ribbon next to the Cost of War display.
      For more info. on the Peace Ribbon;

      Many of you have already inquired and given me specifics about when you can help with what.  I have that list but would like you to respond to this e-mail as a double check.

      We currently have 4 homes in the neighborhood that will help us with things like bathrooms resting quarters, staging and quick
      reaction for problems that might arise.  The info on those homes will be given to those who sign up.

      Please feel free to send this request to others.

      Below are links to last years display for those that did not see it.

      Thank You for your help and support.

      scott camil



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