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  • jacque@codepinkalert.org
    Hi Pinks, Below find Pierce s notes from last Saturday s meeting. We also discussed having Holly Near visit Gainesville in May and I heard from her this
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      Hi Pinks,
      Below find Pierce's notes from last Saturday's meeting.
      We also discussed having Holly Near visit Gainesville in May and I heard from her this morning...her booking agent has May 21-25 available and is trying to arrange some other venues in Florida for the same week. So, we'll keep you posted but we are keeping our fingers crossed that Holly Near will visit in May. I'll keep you posted. - Jac.

      > From: "Pierce R. Butler" <pbutler@...>
      > Date: 2008/01/06 Sun PM 08:56:44 EST
      > Subject: Peace Forum & primaries,
      > 2008 has officially begun, now that the first gathering of a six-pack
      > of representatives from pro-peace groups in the Gainesville area has
      > taken place at the Civic Media Center, 1021 W. University Ave.
      > There are plots afoot, just as Homeland Security has been warning us,
      > and the first alert goes out on Monday evening, 1/7, as the CMC hosts
      > a screening of Michael Moore's alarming documentary Sicko at 8 pm
      > (sorry, no shower scenes, but lots of reasons for screaming);
      > donations requested but not required.
      > (Out of chronological order, but while we're on this topic: see On
      > the Line, a documentary on protests against the "School of the
      > Americas/WHINSEC" on Monday, 1/14; A Conversation on the Civil Rights
      > Movement with James Forman and Pete Seeger on Monday, 1/21, MLK Day;
      > and Occupation 101, a new documentary primarily about
      > Israeli-Palestinian frictions but with tangents on Iraq and other
      > protracted invasions, on Monday, 1/21: all at 8 pm, all for voluntary
      > donations.)
      > For those with the urge to travel, a cruise to sunny Miami may be
      > just the ticket on Friday, 1/11, to join in the protest against the
      > Guantanamo torture/concentration camp outside the US military's
      > Southern Command Center. Get the details at
      > http://www.witnesstorture.org/node/758 or
      > http://www.aclu.org/closeguantanamo/ or
      > http://www.unitedforpeace.org/ or ...
      > Then hurry back to G'ville for the Peace Alliance Yard Sale on
      > Saturday, 1/12, at 328 SW 4th Ave (next to the Indigo home supplies
      > shop) - I'm not sure of the time, but such things usually start
      > ridiculously early from the point of view of those of us who make the
      > most of our Friday nights (or who just drove up from Miami...).
      > After gloating over your newly-acquired goodies, enjoy some music on
      > Sunday, 1/13, 7:30 pm: Unity of Gainesville's new Evening Concert
      > Series rings in the year with an exceptional
      > performer-<http://www.jackwilliamsmusic.com/>Jack Williams. Jack's
      > mastery of the guitar, his unique voice and his charismatic
      > storytelling skills make for some of the finest entertainment you'll
      > find anywhere in the country at any price. He will perform in concert
      > at Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW 39th Avenue, January 13th Sunday
      > night at 7:30 pm. Tickets, on a sliding scale from $15-$20 are only
      > available at the door, so it's suggested that those who want to get a
      > good seat come early. Doors will open at 6:45 pm, show at 7:30 pm.
      > Thursday, 1/17, 7:30 pm, you get to see David Barsamian (as opposed
      > to hearing him, which you can do almost every Monday at 6:30 pm as
      > his Alternative Radio program airs on "Classic 89", aka WUFT-FM) at
      > the Civic Media Center. After two hours of discussion on his
      > broadcasts and his latest books (Propaganda & the Public Mind:
      > Conversations with Noam Chomsky and The Decline & Fall of Public
      > Broadcasting), he's quite likely to adjourn to Mother's Pub next door
      > for further conversation with his fans.
      > There will be a whole week of Martin Luther King, Jr-related
      > activities culminating in the events of Monday, 1/21, but it seems
      > the organizers have yet to post the details anywhere I can find them
      > on the web - which at least makes me feel better about some of my
      > "organizing" boo-boos. I know there will be a fancy (that's short for
      > "expensive") dinner featuring former US Surgeon General Joycelyn
      > Elders somewhere in town on the 20th, and the Big Parade on Monday,
      > 1/21. That traditionally starts around 11 am with an hour of
      > activities at the Downtown Plaza, with everyone stepping off down
      > University Ave at noon and arriving at the MLK Center on Waldo Rd
      > about 1 pm, where gospel music and other observances continue. King's
      > legacy is mostly remembered as centered on civil rights, but he was
      > more than a little outspoken on the subject of peace: it's up to us
      > to keep that part of the dream alive. Bring signs, t-shirts,
      > handouts, or just your own irenic self, but be there!
      > Somewhere along the line during this general period we will finally
      > get to see the January issue of the Gainesville Iguana, except that
      > it will be a January-February issue - so please get those event
      > announcements and calendar entries to me by MLK Day!
      > It's quite possible that a conspiracy hatched at the 1/5 Peace Forum
      > may unfold a day or so after that, assuming all the pieces fall into
      > place for Code Pink, Vets for Peace, and the Progressive Democrats of
      > America to co-sponsor one or more talks and/or book-signings by Col.
      > Ann Wright, war veteran and author of Dissent - but so far no one
      > knows more than that she'll be in the area between 1/23 & 1/29, and
      > that lots of behind-the-scenes wheeling & dealing is in progress.
      > Stay tuned!
      > For the strong of heart and stomach, the Decider will emit his final
      > State of the Union Address on Friday, 1/25. There's not much we can
      > do about that, but Jacque Betz (jacque@...) and her
      > Code Pink cadre at least have a plan:NOTE: I HAVEN'T HEARD FROM ANYONE YET...If you want to watch this together, let me know....--Jacque>
      > Note that January 25, 2008, a Friday, is the last sorry State of the
      > Union address. Mother's Pub and Grill at 1017 W. University Ave,
      > next door to the Civic Media Center, said that they would be pleased
      > to host a howdy bunch of antiBushies for the last sorry State of the
      > Union address...but, to let them know asap to confirm the
      > date. Please let me know if you would be interested in attending
      > Mother's Friday evening January 25, I believe it will be
      > from 8:30-10:30. They have good food and a whole bunch of beers I've
      > never heard of.
      > Depending on how many of those beers you become familiar with, the
      > next morning, Saturday, 1/26, 10 am, you might want to turn out for
      > the first of the new "Solutions to Violence" workshops from the
      > Gainesville Interfaith Peace Center at Westminster Presbyterian
      > Church, 1521 NW 34th Street, on the subject of "Charity" as
      > understood through the works of Gwendolyn Brooks and Maya Angelou
      > (show up at 9:30 and you can get a peek at the reading material in
      > advance). More details from Rev. Eve MacMaster,
      > gnvmenno@..., 377-6577.
      > January more or less wraps up with a chance to sort-of exercise this
      > "democracy" thing for the first time this year on Tuesday, 1/29.
      > There are a number of reasons to just say "$@*% it!" and stay home,
      > but there are also very good reasons to toddle off to your local
      > precinct & mark that ballot, including:
      > * the Gainesville City Commission, where the good guys need all the
      > help they can get;
      > * the state constitutional amendment package which promises to double
      > your homestead exemption (short version: It's a lie! Flush it!);
      > * and the Dem and Repub presidential "preferences" (meaning primary)
      > vote, which will be entirely symbolic on the donkey side, thanks to
      > our greedy and inept state legislators, and half symbolic on the
      > elephant side, since the Rethug national committee only penalized
      > their primary voters by barring half their Fla delegation, so that
      > the Dark Side candidates will be down here getting out their voters
      > while the Murky Side candidates are not allowed to do the same, or
      > even bother us with TV spots.
      > So, therefore, and ergo, it behooves us to muster all the energy we
      > can for the sake of the first two *'s above, or the forces of
      > Voldemort will prevail across the board. My personal plan is to just
      > say "$@*% it!" and stay home - but only after casting my absentee
      > ballot. (With any luck, local election maven Scott Camil will favor
      > this list with his traditional email analysis of who's who and why in
      > the next week or so...)
      > <http://www.fadp.org/>Floridians for Alternatives to the Death
      > Penalty wants to help the Sunshine State catch up to New Jersey
      > (which somehow just decided to abolish their DP), and will be
      > scheming accordingly on Wednesday, 1/30, 6 pm, at Westminster
      > Presbyterian (still at 1521 NW 34th St): find out more about this
      > skulduggery at 727-215-9646 or mark@....
      > That gets us through the first month of '08, and from there it's a
      > very short step to Saturday, 2/2, and the 2nd Peace Forum of 2008 at
      > the Civic Media Center, 2 pm: Cookies! Juice! Confabulation!
      > Those who make it there then will find out more about February's
      > frenzy; all I can tell ya now is that the Interfaithers will discuss
      > "Fellowship" as seen through fables by Franz Kafka on Feb 9 and
      > "Divisions" understood via four poems on Feb 23 (same times, place, &
      > contact info as above).
      > Actually, there's another way to find out what's going on: the new
      > <http://www.gnvan.org/calendar/>Gainesville Activism Network will be
      > spreading the word about progressive events as long as people send
      > timely announcements to gainesville.activism.network@....
      > (Previously, I've plugged the www.sunstateactivist.org site for this
      > purpose, but the primary focus there now seems to be the daily
      > "Progressive breakfast club headlines" project (always an interesting
      > set of stories); the gnvan.org agenda is all about local events, so
      > check in with them too (snacks not yet provided, but the Peace Forum
      > faithfully continues its gustatory tradition of cookies 'n' juice).)
      > Oh yeah: here's a sneak preview of March events at the 2nd Street
      > Bakery, 1511 NW 2nd Street (think of it as 32 blocks east from
      > Westminster Presbyterian, if that helps), which will feature a
      > concert by the satirical folksingist Roy Zimmerman (search for his
      > ditties on YouTube) on Saturday, 3/8, and follow that up exactly a
      > week later with the amazing folkie Anne Feeney on Saturday, 3/15.
      > Please notify everybody on the list above - or me directly, & I'll
      > pass it along - about the sins of omission & commission in the above
      > blabbery, and don't forget to send info on your pro-peace/-gressive
      > events to me and gainesville.activism.network@....
      > Peace,
      > Pierce
      > PS: And for those dying in suspense to find out the latest
      > opportunities in street-corner protests... well, I haven't heard of
      > any new developments, but sfaik (that's So Far As I Know for you
      > txt-challenged readers) the schedules remain just like this:
      > - every Monday, 4:45-5:45 pm, by Melrose Surge for Peace at the
      > corner of State Roads 21 & 26;
      > - Tuesday, 1/8 & 1/22, 4-5:45 pm, by CCAWT, Vets for Peace, et al, at
      > the corner of W 13th St & University Ave;
      > - Tuesday, 1/15, 4-5:45 pm, by CCAWT, Vets for Peace, et al, at the
      > corner of SW 34th St & Archer Rd;
      > - every Thursday, 10 am, by Marions for Peace at the corner of Route
      > 200 and 27th Street SW in Ocala;
      > - every Sunday, 4-5 pm, by the Women in Black at the corner of NW
      > 16th Blvd & 43rd St in G'ville.
      > Whew! Can I have dessert now?
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