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  • Jacqueline Betz
    Hi Ellen, Have a great trip home from Tucson. What a powerful letter you received. I like the Melrose Peace Corner Group as a name too. Oh, of course, any
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      Hi Ellen,
        Have a great trip home from Tucson.  What a powerful letter you received.  I like the Melrose Peace Corner Group as a name too.  Oh, of course, any or no name would be fine, too ... Standing Up for Peace in Melrose ... one never knows the extent of the reach when they are reaching out for peace. Thanks for all you do!
      Your peace pal,
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      Subject: [codepinkgainesville] Fwd: Peace Corner Group

      hi all,
      wanted you to see this email i received today in response to the article in the palatka paper on saturday.  he asked that i not include his address when i share the email.  it brought tears to my eyes and chills down my spine. his words are powerful support for us  to keep on standing on the corner and doing everything else we can to work for peace.
      as some of you know, i am in tucson to celebrate my dad's 95th birthday, so i will not be there tomorrrow, the 14th.  see you on the 21st.
      in peace and justice,

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      Subject: Peace Corner Group
      Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 10:07:57 -0500

      Hello.  Not sure of whom I'm writing, but I read a story about Ellen Allen of Melrose organizing a peaceful protest.  This email address was in the story I found.  
      I grew up in Palatka, ages 7 to 13, from 1957 until we moved to Atlanta in 1963. My heart never left, I remain close to the Townsend family in Palatka and often visit.  I irregularly read local news to stay up on friends and activities in Putnam County. I now live north of Atlanta in a town smaller than Melrose.
      Thanks for sticking your neck out to fight for what is right.  My wife got involved several years ago when Bush started the run-up to invading Iraq.  The closest large town (interestingly) is Gainesville, GA.  She stood on Gainesville street corners at major intersections with like-minded folks that added themselves to the ever-growing crowd with each new weekend.  Some passers-by showed their IQ by raising their middle fingers.  However, most were supportive or expressed no opinion.  Support has grown steadily over the years.
      She did it "so other kids do not grow up to experience" what I did when I served in a previous and wildly unpopular war. I entered  in 1969 and went away in the beginning of 1970.  Sometimes I wondered if I ever did came home.  I still don't know HOW I survived, and I remain sad for the wonderful guys that did not.  I still feel a deep sense of remorse for my thoughts as I loaded mangled bodies - missing various appendages, some former athletes rendered to life in a bed with bags attached to catch their waste - I sometimes hoped a merciful God would let them die peacefully.
      You never get over the things you do under stress.  I worry for today's soldiers who are being forced to serve multiple tours, going door-to-door. ...  Thirty-seven years later, drop a jar on the floor, slam a door, pop a bag and I'm on the floor.  Don't even think of touching my neck, I still react with violence to your "attempt to kill" me, as I was trained.  Some trauma and suffering cannot be measured, and is overlooked in assessing the cost to go to war, especially by those who never served.
      My wife calls her group "The Peace Corner Group."  That's my vote if you are still looking for a name.

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