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Photos from April 1 Atlanta Demo Peace Ribbon

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  • Jacqueline Betz
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      The panels were strung between trees in Piedmont Park and looked magnificent blowing in the breeze
      Here are several panels from Long Island
      This banner was visible from the road and inside the park.  See the pink dogwood blooming?
      Here people were "sticking it to Bush" at the CodePINK table!
         Howdy All,
        Sorry it has taken so long to get these photos over the internet.  They aren't the best photos -- I was in a rush!  -- but there were hundreds of people that were taking photos of the Peace Ribbon.  A gal from Long Island was so impressed (and saddened) at all the Long Island Panels. 
         The Atlanta skies  cleared up about 10 a.m. The pink dogwoods, azaleas and cherries were in full bloom -- awesome!  A BIG BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped make the Peace Ribbon happen.  Especially Ronda, Calli, Shamal-Bob, David, Oliver and all those whose name escapes me now.  Your kindness and help with the Peace Ribbon just made me cry with joy! 
        Several people inquired about making a panel for a loved one.  One 20 year old fella from Atlanta whose brother died in Iraq was there with his Auntie.  He had never been able to talk about his brother's death or cry.  After reading the panels of the Peace Ribbon he opened up for the first time and we all had a good cry.  They said they would be sending me a panel.
        An Atlanta police officer came walking up to "Stick It To George" cardboard cutout and took a pink slip of paper and wrote "April Fool" and stuck it on his head -- we all got a good laugh out of that one.
        I want to acknowledge how wonderful Ronda and her family in Atlanta treated us.  She made a wonderful dinner for all of us and made us feel so welcome, so appreciated how far we came, and our tireless efforts.    A lesson some in Codepink could learn from -- treat your volunteers with respect! 
        A big WOW WOW WOW for the beautiful panels from Long Island!  Hope to see you all April 29 in New York City; let's find a great place to display the Peace Ribbon that day. 
      Jacque Betz
      Waldo Florida
      P.S. Loretta of L.I.  -- Please forward to your Long Island gals and let me know what you hear about the location for the Peace Ribbon April 29.  Look forward to hearing from you. 
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