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Re: Re: 'Biracial'

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  • Marian Sloboda
    ... ... stems from the ... monolingualism, their ... etc. but when ... English, like ... This might be/cause a serious problem, I
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 15, 2002
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      > From: "Harold F. Schiffman"
      > Yes, well, I guess my own annoyance about this situation
      stems from the
      > fact that the world criticizes Americans for their
      monolingualism, their
      > inability and unwillingness to learn other languages, etc.
      etc. but when
      > an American then attempts to *speak* a language other than
      English, like
      > as not, the answer comes back in English.

      This might be/cause a serious problem, I think. The same
      behavior has been reported by Tamah Sherman who researches
      the American community in Czechia, esp. Czech-American
      families and couples. Czechs often respond in English (or
      more precisely in a mix of English and Czech) to an American
      who tries to speak Czech. The American then switches to
      English too. (S)he might not be able to integrate so easily
      into the Czech society then, as it demotivates the person to
      use Czech and so to learn it well enough to be able to fully
      participate in interactions in Czech.


      Marian S.
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