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Re: thesis about code-switching

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  • breton_1963
    In my experience the main triggers are 1. Original language of reported discourse me dijo que I am sick of this etc. 2. Cultural markers to show identity
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 22, 2002
      In my experience the main "triggers" are
      1. Original language of reported discourse "me dijo que "I am sick of
      this" etc.
      2. Cultural "markers to show identity to a certain group (in the
      Mexican-American context this is usually the ocassional "ándale"
      thrown in to purely English discourse.
      3. Humorous references, literal translations for comic effect.
      4. Words with no easy equivalent: "a bunch of something" which in
      Spanish can have many translations

      ...That is all I can think of but I would be eager to see your work

      --- In code-switching@y..., "hangmanspage22" <hangmanspage22@y...>
      > i am a senior stud of De La Salle University in the Philippines.i
      > would like to ask some theories that is related to code-switching,
      > specifically those that can answer to the factors that trigger
      > to code-switch. thanks!
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