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IMPORTANT - A couple of announcements

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  • Celso Álvarez Cáccamo
    Dear Code-Switching members, Please read carefully this information. (1) Code-Switching Reviews Series A suggestion about starting a project on the list has
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28 6:12 AM
      Dear Code-Switching members,

      Please read carefully this information.

      (1) Code-Switching Reviews Series
      A suggestion about starting a project on the list has been sent to me, and
      I think it's a great idea. The project would be simply a Code-Switching
      Reviews folder where people could upload their personal reviews of recent
      (or not recent) publications in the field, so that that could be like a
      quick reference resource if one wanted to learn more about a given work.

      To this end, I have opened a Reviews folder in our Code-Switching web page,
      under Files (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/code-switching -> Files ) where
      anyone can upload their reviews or commentaries on code-switching
      research. No restrictions on length, language, style, etc. This will be
      an informal, non-peer reviewed site. Simply, we all (or almost all ;-) )
      may have unpublished annotations or comments on c-s research which we don't
      mind sharing with other people.

      If there is enough response (and I hope there is), the second stage would
      be to make these reviews available in a more orderly fashion, like setting
      a web page and/or a numbered Code-Switching Reviews series in PDF format,
      for example, for public download in the Internet. Of course, contributing
      to this project does not prevent authors from publishing the review later.

      (2) Moderation
      I would deeply like not to be the only moderator-"owner" of the list. Peter
      Vail has been helping with some tasks like "unbouncing" members whose
      e-mail would reject messages from the list for some technical reasons, but
      moderation and "ownership" involve more tasks. Let me tell remind you that
      the list is "moderated" ONLY in terms of rejecting spam, commercial, or
      opportunistic messages, and that ONLY the first message by any new member
      is moderated in order to identify these annoying occurrences.

      But "ownership" also entails the doubtful privilege of feeling responsible
      for the list's well-being and future. In case of technical problems,
      YahooGroups only responds to/before the list "owner". I think that at least
      one more person is needed for this responsibility, particularly when this,
      current "owner" -- sort of tongue-in-cheek -- doesn't believe in the
      private "ownership" of public resources... or ideas ;-) .

      Ideally, the co-"owner" / co-moderator should be a person actively involved
      in the list, who follows it habitually, who has easy access to the
      Internet, and who isn't afraid of fiddling with the YahooGroups web page to
      activate/de-activate settings, etc. Any suggestions, proposals, and
      self-proposals are welcome, by any venue (private e-mail or public
      feedback). Let me tell you that being a list "owner" entails little more
      than a burden of responsibility, and a certain, good-old
      boy-scout/girl-scout feeling of Doing a Daily Good Action. Please excuse my

      (3) Code-Switching Bibliography Database
      Last touches are being done. Soon a first release will be ready for public
      access. More to follow.

      There's still one more project pending, but each thing at its time.

      Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.


      Celso Alvarez Cáccamo Tel. +34 981 167000 ext. 1888
      Linguística Geral, Faculdade de Filologia FAX +34 981 167151
      Universidade da Corunha lxalvarz@...
      15071 A Corunha, Galiza (Espanha) http://www.udc.es/dep/lx/cac/
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