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  • Anna De Fina
    Dear All, We are happy to announce GURT 2015, which will take place at Georgetown University March 13-15 See the Call for Papers and visit our website.
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      Dear All,

      We are happy to announce GURT 2015, which will take place at Georgetown University March 13-15
      See the Call for Papers and visit our website.

      Apologies for cross-postings

      Diversity and Super-Diversity: Sociocultural Linguistic Perspectives



      March 13-14-15, 2015






      The objective of GURT 2015 is to foster and advance a reflection on the ways in which linguistic and communicative practices are affected by and contribute to diversity and on the theoretical-methodological challenges that accounting for such phenomena poses to sociocultural linguistics.


      GURT invites papers that explore the connections between diversity and linguistic/communicative practices. We are particularly (although not exclusively) interested in the following topics:


      ·      The impact of diversity on sociocultural linguistic theory and research methodologies

      ·      The relationships between diversity and hybridity in linguistic and semiotic practices

      ·      Challenges and responses to linguistic and cultural diversity in different institutional and non institutional domains

      ·      Diversity and the construction/negotiation of identities

      ·      The use of linguistic and other semiotic resources within new practices involving diverse communities

      ·      Language policies and diversity issues in the public space

      ·      Diversity of genres, practices and participation frameworks in mediated communication

      ·      Diversity and time/space scales


      Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 15, 2014

      Anna De Fina
      Professor, Italian Language and Linguistics
      Affiliated Faculty, Linguistics Department
      Italian Department
      ICC 306J
      Georgetown University
      37&O ST. NW
      Washington DC 20015
      tel.1- 2026875625
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