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Re: [code-switching] Code-Switching in Latina Song

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  • Joan Albert Argenter Giralt
    I followed the earlier discussion on CS and music with interest, actually starting (I think) with a question on CS in songs. The relationship between music and
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      I followed the earlier discussion on CS and music with interest, actually starting (I think) with a question on CS in songs. The relationship between music and language goes beyond my competence, but I would like to add a new, historical, dimension to the topic. I suggest work dealing with CS in old sung genres in the past. I dealt with CS in Catalan Jewish practices in Medieval Ages, i.e. Catalan/Hebrew CS (and further issues).

      Profs. Davies and Bentahila, from Tangier, have been working for long on Arabic/French CS in modern Morocco. In a recent article they dealt with CS in rai lyrics and currently they work on the parallels between old Romance (Mozarabic)/Semitic (Hispano-Arabic) CS in the old Medieval kharjas and contemporary African rai and rap lyrics.

      These analyses are based on the old texts left behind by Semitic communities in the Iberian Peninsula, not on old musical scores.


      Joan A. Argenter (2001) �Code-switching and dialogism: Verbal practices among Catalan Jews in the Middle Ages�. Language in Society 30(3): 377-402.
      Eirlys E. Davies & Abdelali Bentahila (2008) �Code-switching as a poetic device: Examples from rai lyrics�. Language & Communication 28: 1-20.
      Eirlys E. Davies & Abdelali Bentahila (not yet published) �Code switching ancient and modern: From the medieval kharjas to contemporary songs".

      Other articles deal with current days songs, with no reference to historical material:

      A. Bentahila & E E Davies (2002) Language mixing in rai music: Localisation or
      globalisation ? Language and Communication 22, 187-207.
      E E Davies & A Bentahila (2006) Code switching and the globalisation of popular
      music: The case of North African rai and rap. Multilingua 25. 367-392.
      E E Davies & A Bentahila (2008) Translation and code switching in the lyrics of
      bilingual popular songs. The Translator 14(2): 247-272

      Good luck.
      Joan A. Argenter

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      De: mostari hind <hmostari@...>
      Data: Dimecres, Novembre 24, 2010 2:57 pm
      Assumpte: Re: [code-switching] Code-Switching in Latina Song

      > Dear Ray ,
      > I am among those who showed their interest in music rythm and CS
      > in Rai music between the colloquial arabic and Fr  in Algeria ,
      > but like you , i have very few references .
      > If you find something , please let me know .
      > good luck
      > Dr Mostari
      > Algeria
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      > Subject: [code-switching] Code-Switching in Latina Song
      > To: code-switching@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wednesday, November 24, 2010, 6:15 AM
      > First of all I am a a new graduate student with two degrees, Music
      > Composition and Spanish. I am getting my grad degree in Hispanic
      > Studies emphasizing in Linguistics. I firgured I would try to use
      > my talents to help the field.
      > I have noticed there is someone else that is interested in the
      > same area combining the studies of song with code-switching.
      > Basically, I have a rough draft of the research paper I am doing
      > with propositions of how the driving forces of rhythm and rhyme
      > supercede over the governing rules that arent universally accepted
      > in code-switching. My only problem is the lack of sources to find
      > to help support my arguments. I have extensive access to any book
      > that i can find the title for being at A&M but it seems that there
      > is nothing in existence. Also the availability to actually find
      > these songs is interestingly difficult even though i have had some
      > luck finding several groups and singers that have intrasentential
      > code-switching, but the more the merrier.
      > What I am asking is if anyone knows of articles, books,
      > dissertations, etc. and/or musical groups, I would greatly
      > appreciate your collaboration, as my professor says that this
      > subject is worthy of a dissertation subject.
      > Thank you for you time.
      > -Ray
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