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Re: Language Dominance/ Emotions & Code-switching

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  • piotrszyld
    Hello, i do have some bibliography on this topic, I m writing a thesis on taboo words perception by bilinguals - you ll find my post and request fort taboo
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 19, 2007
      i do have some bibliography on this topic, I'm writing a thesis on
      taboo words perception by bilinguals - you'll find my post and request
      fort taboo questionnaire respondents further up on the list. Anyway
      Ill put the following 3 articles in pdf in the 'File' section- hope
      you'll find them of any use:
      -14622929 Aycycegi, Harris recall and recognition of emotion words.
      -affection and bilinualism stockholm.pdf
      -multilingualism and emotions. pavlenko review.pdf

      I have some more, but connected with memory rather than code
      switching- let me know if you'd be interested

      Best regards
      Piotr Szyld

      --- In code-switching@yahoogroups.com, Diana Gomez <Chilindrina_5@...>
      > Does anyone have a bibliography and or articles to refer to
      regarding the relationship between language dominance and
      code-switching, as well as emotions and code-switching, I am finishing
      my thesis on Code-switching in Compound vs. Coordinate bilinguals and
      found that language dominance and emotionality are more important
      factors. Thanks
      > diana
      > Diana Ibarra de Gómez
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