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Call for Papers: JALT Bilingualism SIG Journal

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  • Tim Greer
    Dear Colleague, JJMM, Japan s only academic journal devoted to the study of bilingualism, is currently calling for papers for its 2007 volume. For further
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      Dear Colleague,

      JJMM, Japan's only academic journal devoted to the study of bilingualism, is
      currently calling for papers for its 2007 volume. For further information,
      see the SIG's website at www.bsig.org

      If you are working on bilingualism in a Japanese context, please consider
      submitting a paper. The deadline is February 15.

      Tim Greer


      (freely forwardable)

      Call for Papers on Bilingualism in Japanese Contexts

      Submissions are now being accepted for Volume 13 of the Japan Journal of
      Multilingualism and Multiculturalism, which will be released at the JALT
      Conference in Tokyo in November 2007. The deadline for submissions for this
      issue is February 15th, 2007, but authors are encouraged to get submissions
      in early to increase their chances of getting published in the next volume
      of the journal.

      Submission Guidelines

      The Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism welcomes
      well-written articles in English or Japanese reporting original research in
      the areas of bi/multilingualism or bi/multiculturalism, intercultural
      communication and other related fields of study in Japan or involving
      Japanese people or the Japanese language. Papers must not have been
      previously published or be under consideration for publication elsewhere.


      The Japan Journal of Multilingualism and Multiculturalism follows the
      Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th Edition).
      Consult the APA homepage for instructions on documentation and references.
      Spelling and punctuation should follow American conventions. Paragraphs
      should be indented five spaces.


      Feature articles should be approximately 5,000 words, typed and
      double-spaced on A4 paper. The author's name and references that identify
      the author should appear only on the cover sheet.

      Materials to be Submitted

      Three copies of the manuscript (four copies for articles written in
      Japanese) should be included with a cover letter at the time of submission.
      Submissions by email or fax are not accepted. Once articles are accepted,
      authors will be asked to provide short abstracts of the article in Japanese
      and English, as well as an electronic version of the paper.

      Evaluation Procedures

      Manuscripts complying with the above guidelines will be subject to blind
      review by at least two readers, with special attention given to Bilingualism
      SIG aims, the significance and originality of the submission, and the use of
      appropriate research design and methodology. The evaluation process is
      generally completed within three months.

      Automatic Submission to ERIC Database

      Each volume of the journal is submitted to the ERIC (Educational Resources
      Information Center of the U.S. Department of Education) Clearing House on
      Languages and Linguistics for inclusion in its database and dissemination to
      at least 900 research centers around the world. Submission of a manuscript
      for consideration in the journal will therefore be taken as permission for
      reproduction by ERIC if the manuscript is accepted for publication. This
      will in no way infringe upon the author's copyright.


      Address manuscripts to:

      Tim Greer

      School of Languages and Communication

      Kobe University

      1-2-1 Tsurukabuto

      Nada-ku Kobe 657-8501


      Email inquiries (but not submissions) may be directed to the editor at:

      『 多言語・多文化研究』 論文募集



      文体は一般的な学術論文のスタイルを使って下さい。章だてのしかたや参考文献の書き方などは、Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th. ed.) の定
      める方式にできるだけ近い形にして下さい。不明の場合は、ホームページ を参考にして下さい。











      Email の問い合わせは、< tim@...>へ送信して結構ですが、添付ファイルなどによってのメールでの投稿は受け付けません。

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