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Fwd: Call for Papers: Sociolinguistic Studies

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  • Susan Ervin-Tripp
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2006
      >A new international sociolinguistics journal
      >Sociolinguistic Studies is the new title of
      >Estudios de Sociolinguistica
      >a journal founded in 2000 at the University of
      >Vigo (Spain), and indexed/abstracted in the
      >International Bibliography of the Social
      >Sciences (IBSS); Latindex; Linguistics Abstracts
      >(LA); Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts
      >(LLBA); MLA International Bibliography;
      >SocINDEX; Sociological Abstracts; and
      >Bibliographie Linguistique/Linguistic
      >Sociolinguistic Studies will be published at
      >United Kingdom by Equinox Publishing House
      >(www.equinoxpub.com). There are three issues per
      >volume year (April, August, and December), the
      >first issue, with the new title, is due in April
      >Sociolinguistic Studies is a peer-reviewed
      >journal in two formats: online and in hard copy,
      >internationally diffused and distributed (ISSN:
      >1750-8649 -hard-, ISSN: 1750-8657 -online).
      >Sociolinguistic Studies offers a linguistic and
      >cultural bridge between the Romance world
      >-particularly the Spanish and Latin American
      >world- and the English-speaking world.
      >The journal publishes substantial research
      >papers, discussion notes, reviews and review
      >articles (the Book Review Editor is Aneta
      >Pavlenko, Temple University), and regularly
      >publishes thematic issues.
      >The editors invite contributions in English,
      >Spanish or French (75% of the contents of the
      >journal are in English).
      >Edited in Galicia (Spain), the journal pays
      >special attention to minority languages and
      >cultures, language contact and change,
      >linguistic diversity, language revival, shift
      >and loss, language and social inequalities, and
      >language planning and policy. We consider that
      >bilingualism and multilingualism is an essential
      >field linking sociolinguistics with other
      >disciplines (psycholinguistics, linguistic
      >anthropology, pedagogy, etc.). The journal will
      >also pay special attention to theoretical and
      >methodological contributions from sociology,
      >social psychology or anthropology that can give
      >consistency to the theoretical and
      >methodological principles of sociolinguistics,
      >and to make known the conceptual evolution in
      >the social sciences among sociolinguists.
      >Sociolinguistic Studies takes an ecumenical
      >approach to the different schools,
      >methodological principles or research
      >orientations within sociolinguistic research and
      >also accepts contributions from related fields
      >such as pragmatics, discourse analysis,
      >conversational analysis, interactional
      >linguistics, language acquisition and
      >socialization, linguistic anthropology,
      >ethnomethodology and the ethnography of
      >Papers should be limited to approximately 7.000
      >words (Din A4 size), in Word-PC format. For
      >further details, please contact the journal
      >Editors. Please send submissions (preferably in
      >electronic format) to the Editors: Fernando
      >Ramallo (framallo@...) and Xoan Paulo
      >Rodriguez-Yanez (xoanp@...).
      >Postal address:
      >Sociolinguistic Studies
      >Facultade Filoloxía e Tradución
      >Universidade de Vigo
      >Campus das Lagoas-Marcosende
      >Praza das Cantigas, s/n
      >E-36310 Vigo (Spain)
      >The Journal Editors:
      >Xoan Paulo Rodriguez-Yanez
      >Fernando Ramallo

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