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Re: [code-switching] presentación

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  • petek kurtboke
    Hola Mariano, looks like we ve found the eager postgrad! Thanks for the statistics! It s good that you don t offer conclusions as your corpus of 21 e-mails
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2000
      Hola Mariano, looks like we've found the eager postgrad! Thanks for the
      statistics! It's good that you don't offer conclusions as your corpus of 21
      e-mails would be too biased at this stage as most messages were either from
      Celso, or Jim, or Jose or myself with a few other subscribers in between.
      But I'm glad you've found a way to start your Ph.D.
      Good luck!

      > �Hola!
      > This for my presentation. I'm 44 years old... student of
      >ling�istics at UNED (Spanish Long Distance University), trying to start the
      >way for a doctoral thesis. I have been for ten years in Kyoto, Japan,
      >teaching Spanish. My interest on the subjet of this list is not specialized
      >and not personal, if code-switching has to be only with, in strict sense,
      >bilingual speakers.
      > I think it has been interesting what is being discused
      >terminology and it's implication, but it is common sense that that is not
      >enough, neither to start nor to finish. Anycase, i like to ennumerate all
      >terms and ways of writing them that i have fund in a corpus of 21 e-mails,
      >from these days , they were clean up of headings and repetitive texts
      >getting the concordances. The results are:
      > switching code (3)
      > switching codes (1)
      > switch codes (1)
      > code switching (12)
      > code-switching (21)
      > codeswitching (15)
      > Codeswitching (1)
      > Shifting Languages (1)
      > codes alternation (1)
      > altern�ncia de c�digos (1)
      > altern�ncia de l�nguas (1)
      > conmutaci�n de c�digos (1)
      > CS (7)
      > cs (1)
      > c-s (1)
      > c s (1)
      >I don't want to take conclusions.
      >And i think some other like:
      > Code Switching
      > codificaci�n alternativa
      > altercodificaci�n
      > Thank you.
      > Mariano
      >Santander- Cantabria

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