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940Re: [code-switching] Impact of "Code-Switching" on Raising Bilingual Children

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  • neeraja raghupathi
    Jan 1, 2003
      Hello Bonnie Liao!!!
      I am a post graduate student in speech, language and hearing sciences. I right now finished with my research on bilingualism and stuttering. Practically, when I work with multilingual children with language disorders, I advise them to follow the principle " One person, one language". And with childhood stutterers, I start my therapy in the language in which the child is having greater proficiency and once the child becomes fluent in his/her dominant language, I would shift to the non-dominant language. In the initial stage, I would ask the parents to strictly use the dominant language at home and at the later stage, they would use both the languages. I have found this personally effective with many of the bilingual stutterers.
      But I would like to know what can be done to generalize the therapy techniques from one language to another in case of adults. I would really welcome your suggestions on this issue.
      Wish you a very Happy New Year!!

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