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2019Concerning MLF Model

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  • Walid
    Jul 10, 2012
      Hi all,
      First of all, many thanks to those who helped me in choosing my model of analysis, especially doctors: Adam Blaxter, Leoni Kotze, Mark Sebba, Alia Amir and MAGNO. I found that MLF model is the most suitable for analyzing codeswitching in my written Personal ads. However, I could not solve the problem of Islands which MYERS-SCOTTON mentioned in her model. Thus, I followed the Chinese study in considering the language of more words in the personal ad as the Matrix language (ML) and treated all syntactical parts related to the Embedded Language (EL) as codeswitched. I considered any number of noun or adjective phrases or block of sentences related to EL as CS.
      My question is: is my method of counting any frequence of phrases and sentences related to EL as codeswitched correct?

      Your help is appreciated

      Walid Hassan
      MA student at El_fayoum University
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