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  • Leonie Kotze
    Mar 29, 2012
      Dear All

      I found this example of CS in Penelope Gardner-Chloros’ (2009, p. 6) book
      entitled “Code-Switching”. I enjoyed it so much and thought I would share
      it with whoever is on the list. The CS appears in an advertisement for
      McDonald’s in Germany. The picture is a photo of croissant, cut in two,
      with cheese and ham filling. The text reads:

      McCroissant: The american Antwort auf Croissant.

      (Then: Descriptions for aspects of the photo:)

      The lecker warm Croissant, Geschnitten in two Teile, this is very praktisch.
      So is genug Platz for weitere leckere things.

      The first leckere thing: The Käse. A little bit angeschmolzen and this is
      very bequem for the Schinken. He can not fall out of the Croissant.

      The second leckere thing: The Schinken. Saftig and in praktische stripes



      Leoni Kotze, South Africa

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