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2001Re: [code-switching] Re: Structuralist vs poststructuralists

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  • Woolard, Kathryn
    Mar 27, 2012
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      Let me give one very practical recommendation: for a useful review of
      (implicitly) post-structuralist approaches to social identity and the role
      of language therein (that begins with Jakobsonian structuralist visions of
      sameness/difference) see M. Bucholtz and K. Hall, "Language and
      Identity", in A. Duranti, A. 2004, A Companion to Linguistic
      Anthropology. Blackwell.

      I don't know of anything that specifically compares structuralist to
      poststructalist approaches to social identity. For that matter, I'm not
      sure what a structuralist approach to social identity is, since many
      people working on identity in the pre-post-structuralist period didn't
      conceive of themselves that way. I suppose that F. Barth's classic and
      still very instructive 1969 Introduction to Ethnic Groups and Boundaries
      might be considered structuralist in a Saussurean sense, because of its
      emphasis on boundaries and contrast, rather than internal content of
      semantic categories, although Barth worked under the label of
      transactionalism that contrasted with structural-functional analyses in
      anthropology....go figure.

      Kit Woolard

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      >Hi Leoni
      >Yes there is literature
      >but .... the structuralist / post structuralist debate is incredibly
      >complex and you can't just read a book. Hence it's called a debate, as it
      >has been ongoing for 100 years. You really have to start with Saussurean
      >semiotics, then go to Barthes (Roland), Eco, Strauss, Derrida, and so
      >forth. And then, you have to 'structure' or formulate your own
      >I teach critical theory in linguistics and hence draw from a lot of this
      >However, before I begin to help you, I have to ask you, how much do you
      >know? What do you know?
      >Michael (superhazz@...)
      >--- In code-switching@yahoogroups.com, "Leonie Kotze" <leoni@...> wrote:
      >> Dear All,
      >> Help please! Does anyone know whether current literature is available
      >> compares/discusses the differences between a structuralist and a
      >> poststructuralist view re social identity? I need this rather urgently
      >> would appreciate any help.
      >> Regards
      >> Leoni Kotze, South Africa
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