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1305Re: [code-switching] code switching Silvina

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  • lidaa aka
    Dec 7, 2004
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      hi everyone,
      silvina...there is a problem....what you are talking
      about is alternation i.e. use of different languages
      in different domains et....however, code
      mixing/switching is when you mix two languages in the
      same sentence or maybe speak out one clause in one
      language and another in another language. to put it
      nicely, we can say say that code mixing can be
      intersentential or intrasentential........ (i dont
      want to go into the details of nomenclature here but
      code mixing and swithching can be used for each other
      though it is better to use inter- or intra-sentential
      to clarify what we are saying)...

      --- Silvina Faure <si_re_fa@...> wrote:

      > Hi everyone!
      > My name is Silvina. I live in Argentina and I am a
      > teacher of English. I'm very interested in
      > Ling�istics and I'm planning to take up a
      > postgraduate course on that.
      > I've read Zahra's mail looking for information on
      > code-switching. As far as I know - and speaking from
      > a personal perspective as well - when an individual
      > is bilingual he/she attaches a particular language
      > to specific domains. When dealing with feelings and
      > personal issues, the mother tongue is likely to come
      > up as the best vehicle to deal with these.
      > Therefore, two people can work together and use
      > their second language as the language of work, but
      > switch to their mother tongue when they are having a
      > more intimate conversation. From my personal
      > experience, it wouldn't cross my mind to use English
      > with my children when we are having a personal
      > conversation, it would be impersonal and less
      > sincere. Therefore, I only do so for casual chit
      > chat. The same applies to diglossic situations, for
      > example, in Paraguay Spanish is used in educational
      > and official contexts, whereas jokes and family talk
      > - the type of interaction that aims at strengthening
      > social bonds - takes place in Guaran�. I think this
      > is so because language is so inextricably linked to
      > culture and to identity. Well, hope to read what
      > others have to say,
      > Best,
      > Silvina
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      > From: Zahra Amirian
      > To: code-switching@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2004 6:18 PM
      > Subject: [code-switching] code switching
      > Hello there,
      > I am a PhD student studying TEFL. Next Monday, I
      > have a lecture on "code switching and language
      > contact". It was fascinating to me to find such a
      > site. but unfortunately I couldn't get any articles
      > from this site . Specially, I need information about
      > psychological aspect of code switching. Would you
      > please help me? I will be so thankful.
      > Thanks in advance.
      > I'm eagerly waiting for the response.
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