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1[code-switching] First Welcome to The Code-Switching Forum

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  • Celso Alvarez Cáccamo
    Mar 24, 2000

      The Code-Switching Forum is an unmoderated list for the discussion of alternation of linguistic varieties (commonly called "code-switching"), bilingual conversation and related phenomena. Topics of interest
      include (but are not restricted to):
      -the definition of "code" itself
      -the definition and characterization of "code-switching" itself
      -"code" and linguistic variety; "code-switching" and
      language alternation
      -the relations between language alternation and other interlingual phenomena
      -bilingual conversation in general
      -new trends in the study of language alternation
      -codes, varieties and contextualization
      -codes, indexicality and identity
      -language alternation and conversational organization
      -language alternation in literature and song
      -code-switching and macro-sociolinguistic processes
      -data gathering, transcription and interpretation
      -universality and particularities of language

      The Code-Switching Forum welcomes discussion,
      queries, information, and materials. Materials
      and documents can be uploaded to The
      Code-Switching Forum "vault", at
      http://www.egroups.com/docvault/code-switching .
      The "vault" has a 20MB capacity. Please use HTML
      or PDF formats when possible.

      The Code-Switching Forum has no official or
      preferred language for messages.

      Upon subscription, please wait for a few days
      until lots of people jump on to the wagon, and
      then please introduce yourself to the list.

      Thank you,

      The Forum manager,
      Celso Alvarez-C�ccamo