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  • nolan
    Dear rain gauge team, That was quite the storm system that has been sweeping across the country this weekend. Thanks for all the reports. We WERE looking
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2012
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      Dear rain gauge team,

      That was quite the storm system that has been sweeping across the
      country this weekend. Thanks for all the reports. We WERE looking
      forward to a soaking rain or even a wet snow here in Fort Collins
      (Colorado) but somehow it skipped right over us. All we get was a few
      sprinkles and a lot of wind. After having our driest March on record
      (in 124 years) we aren't doing much better this month, either. But it
      was good to see California get some more rain this week and for Oregon
      and Washington to get a couple of warm, dry days before the next storm
      moves in. Our Colorado mountains got a much needed snow yesterday and
      today -- it's been so dry up there. Except for troubles caused by the
      bout of severe storms, the rains across the Midwest have also been
      greatly appreciated. Now if we could just get something down to the
      Southeastern States.

      The CoCoRaHS website!

      We get tons of questions every week from both new and experienced
      volunteers about how to access and use various parts of the CoCoRaHS
      website (logging in, entering data, editing data, viewing maps,
      retrieving historic information, etc.) We probably should have done
      this sooner, but at last we are holding a CoCoRaHS Website Tutorial
      webinar tomorrow evening (8:30 PM Eastern, 7:30 PM Central, 6:30 PM
      Mountain, 5:30 PM Pacific, etc. for anyone who would like to get better
      at using the website.

      Zach Schwalbe, the CoCoRaHS "answer man" who fields most of our
      questions, will be presenting this webinar. So if you have the time,
      the interest and the necessary computer resources, please register and
      join us this Monday evening (Feb 16th)

      Here is the link to register


      More volunteers!

      Every day, more and more people from all across the country continue to
      sign up to help measure and report precipitation. This is so great!
      North Dakota and North Carolina have each added dozens of new observers
      in just the past few weeks. Arkansas recently acquired 1000 new rain
      gauges to help their network of volunteers -- amazing! So keep
      spreading the word and filling in gaps. This summer we don't want any
      major storms to slip through unmeasured.

      Farm stories?

      I have plenty to tell, but not enough time. All of our flowering trees
      (fruit, bushes, etc) are blooming so early this year it's just
      ridiculous -- in some cases we're a full month earlier than average. So
      far we've dodged the bullet of a late freeze, but that could change
      tonight. And the dust in the corral -- must be 2" deep. Our mud season
      was so short this year -- only about a week. Would welcome some mud
      about now.

      Best wishes to all, and thanks for sticking with CoCoRaHS. I hope to be
      with some of you on the website webinar tomorrow (Monday evening).


      Nolan Doesken
      Colorado State University
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