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Announcement: wwPDB Workshop on mmCIF/PDBx for Programmers, 20/21 Nov-13, Cambridge (UK)

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  • Gerard DVD Kleywegt
    wwPDB Workshop on mmCIF/PDBx for Programmers ... What, why and how? ... The world of the PDB will be changing rapidly and profoundly over the next few years. A
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      wwPDB Workshop on mmCIF/PDBx for Programmers

      What, why and how?
      The world of the PDB will be changing rapidly and profoundly over the next few
      years. A major change will involve the transition from PDB to mmCIF/PDBx as
      the principal deposition and dissemination format (see
      http://www.wwpdb.org/news/news_2013.html#22-May-2013 and
      http://wwpdb.org/workshop/wgroup.html). To help software developers in the
      area of structural biology to make the transition and begin supporting the
      mmCIF/PDBx format in their own programs, wwPDB (http://wwpdb.org/) is
      organising a programmers workshop. This two-day event will include lectures by
      experts in mmCIF/PDBx (http://mmcif.rcsb.org/) and developers of
      language-specific libraries or packages (C/C++, Java, Python). Ample time will
      be devoted to tutorials and individual "code hacking", with the experts
      available to assist the workshop participants. Confirmed tutors include Paul
      Adams (Phenix), Eugene Krissinel (CCP4), Garib Murshudov (Refmac), Andreas
      Prlic (RCSB), Sameer Velankar (PDBe) and John Westbrook (RCSB).

      When and where?
      The workshop will be held at the EMBL-EBI (http://ebi.ac.uk/) in Hinxton,
      Cambridge, UK, on 20 and 21 November 2013.

      How much?
      If you are selected as a participant, we expect you to pay for your own travel
      to and from Cambridge. However, there is no fee for this workshop, and we will
      provide accommodation (at the HolidayInn Express in nearby Duxford;
      http://www.hiexpresscambridgeduxford.co.uk/), lunches and a workshop dinner on
      the 20th (all thanks to generous funding from the Wellcome Trust to PDBe).

      Who can apply and how?
      This workshop is intended for "high-powered" software developers in any area
      of structural biology and structural bioinformatics whose products process
      (read/write) PDB data - e.g., X-ray, NMR, 3DEM, SAXS/SANS, hybrid methods,
      visualisation, validation, modelling, docking, structure prediction, etc. To
      ensure a high ratio of tutors to workshop participants, the number of
      participants is limited to 15.

      You can apply for the workshop by sending an e-mail to Sameer Velankar at PDBe
      (sameer@...) no later than 31 August 2013. Please include:

      - a brief description of the software program(s) or package(s) you have
      developed or are developing, what it does, in which field, how many users,
      relevant publications, etc.;
      - what programming language(s) you are specifically interested in;
      - how you would benefit from this workshop;
      - any specific topics or questions you would like to see addressed in the

      If the workshop is oversubscribed, we will use the information and motivation
      provided by the applicants to select the participants.

      Participants are expected to bring their own laptop with compilers etc.
      installed. No previous knowledge of mmCIF/PDBx is strictly needed, but
      participants who are aware of the basic principles of the format will probably
      gain more from the workshop.

      Applicants will be informed by mid-September if they have been selected or
      not, or if they are on the stand-by list.

      For informal inquiries about the workshop, please contact Sameer Velankar at
      PDBe (sameer@...).

      Please feel free to distribute this announcement to other interested people or

      --Gerard Kleywegt & Sameer Velankar
      Protein Data Bank in Europe
      A member of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank

      Gerard J. Kleywegt, PDBe, EMBL-EBI, Hinxton, UK
      gerard@... ..................... pdbe.org
      Secretary: Pauline Haslam pdbe_admin@...
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