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Welcome to the new PDBe website (pdbe.org)!

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  • Gerard DVD Kleywegt
    PDBe launches its redesigned website (pdbe.org) ... The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe; http://pdbe.org) has launched its redesigned website with lots of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
      PDBe launches its redesigned website (pdbe.org)

      The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe; http://pdbe.org) has launched its
      redesigned website with lots of new features, enhancements and improvements.
      This so-called "Midsummer Make-over" is the first in a series of biannual
      upgrades timed to take place around midsummer and midwinter. New features in
      this first make-over include:

      - A completely redesigned website with:

      + A tools menu (on the left) that provides access to PDBe services

      + A central panel that allows users to do the most common tasks straight
      from the front page (find various kinds of information about a PDB entry,
      search by a database identifier, or do a sequence search of the PDB)

      + A simple search of *both* PDB and EMDB from the top bar (try a search for
      "Saibil" or "Groel" or "ribosome" to get hits in both databases)

      + Links to go to (quasi-)randomly picked PDB entries (great for teaching and
      demos), accessible from the central panel

      - Loads of easy-to-remember shortcuts using the pdbe.org domain name, e.g.
      typing http://pdbe.org in the address bar of your web browser takes you
      straight to the new site, http://pdbe.org/1cbs goes directly to the summary
      page for entry 1CBS, and many more

      - A wizard (http://pdbe.org/wizard) to guide novice and non-expert users to
      the information, resource or service they are looking for

      - A browser that allows exploration and analysis of the structural archive
      based on biological classifications (implemented to date: EC =
      http://pdbe.org/ec; Pfam = http://pdbe.org/pfam ; and CATH =
      http://pdbe.org/cath ; the browser can also be used to explore the results of
      sequence-similarity searches: http://pdbe.org/fasta)

      - PDBprints (c) - a pictorial way of providing at-a-glance information about
      PDB entries - these are used on PDBe summary pages and when displaying the
      results of an advanced search of the PDB (try:
      http://pdbe.org/advancedsearch?text=homeobox ). You can also very easily
      include them in your own web pages. For more information, see

      - Summaries in English for all PDB entries. By default, the first page of each
      PDB entry now contains a user-friendly description of the contents of the
      entry and how the structure was determined (in English sentences) and some
      useful links and images - try http://pdbe.org/1fss or any of your own
      favourite structures (or http://pdbe.org/random for a randomly picked entry)

      In addition, there are countless minor tweaks, changes and improvements.

      The Protein Data Bank in Europe hopes you will find the new website and
      features useful and looks forward to your comments and suggestions (using the
      'Feedback' form which you will find at the top of each page).
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