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Re: [cnfractal_music] Fractal Music Project I'm working on

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  • pjfjacks
    Myron, Here are a few links that might be usefull: http://www.math.toronto.edu/mathnet/simmer/march-00-notes.html http://www.reglos.de/musinum/
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 31, 2004
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      Here are a few links that might be usefull:







      Phil J.

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      From: "Myron Marston" <guitar_melosh@...>
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      Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 2004 2:22 AM
      Subject: [cnfractal_music] Fractal Music Project I'm working on

      > Hello,
      > I'm a Senior in College at Seattle Pacific University, double Majoring in
      > Computer Science and Music. As a member of my university's University
      > Scholars program, I am required to complete an Honors Project this year.
      > I'm very interested in finding ways to integrate my two disciplines, and
      > I have chosen to do my project on the topic of fractal music.
      > More specifically, I'm focusing on self-similarity in music. There are of
      > course many aspects of fractals that are applicable to music, and many
      > definitions of what "fractal music" is, but for the context of my project,
      > I've chosen to consider any algorithmically composed, self-similar music
      > be "fractal music." As you can imagine, this is still a HUGE topic, and
      > order to keep it manageable, I'm going to be choosing three specific
      > methods/approaches to generating fractal music, programming examples of
      > each, and evaluting the quality of the music produced (this is another
      > aspect of my project...considering the aesthetic question of
      > computer-generated music). I've been working on this project for a few
      > months, and have about two months left. Tonight I was doing some
      > and looking for some articles when I ran across this group.
      > I thought some of you might be willing to give me recommendations, advice,
      > etc. Specifically, I am looking for:
      > 1. Recommendations of articles, websites, fractal pieces or fractal music
      > software that focuses on self-similarity.
      > 2. Recommendations of approaches to generating self-similar fractal
      > 3. Anything else which may be useful for me :).
      > One problem I keep running into is the problem of broken links. With
      > fractal music being such a recent topic, and based so much on computers,
      > there is, of course, a lot of information on the internet about it...but
      > seems like every site I visit has 20 links to other sites and articles, of
      > which all but 2 or 3 are broken. The fractal music project site
      > (http://www.zainea.com/fractalmus.htm) in particular seems to link to some
      > interesting and useful articles, but almost every single one is a broken
      > link. Where can I find the best information on the web?
      > There's much more I could say, but I wanted to keep this first message
      > short. Please feel free to ask questions about what I'm doing; I want to
      > giving on the giving as well as recieving end of this group.
      > thanks!
      > - Myron Marston
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