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Fw: AudioMulch News January 2003

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    FYI - some amazing and astounding software! Phil J. ... AudioMulch ... a ... and ... been ... instrument ... those ... mulch- ... other ... area.
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      FYI - some amazing and astounding software!

      Phil J.
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      > Dear AudioMulch User
      > AudioMulch 0.9b11 is now available from the download page at the
      > web site: http://www.audiomulch.com/download.htm . This version includes
      > numerous user interface improvements, the ability to rename contraptions,
      > a new system for handling missing sound files, a new menu command to save
      > copy of the document along with the sound files it uses, support for VST
      > program banks, and more. A number of significant bugs have also been
      > resolved. You can read more about these and other changes in the release
      > notes: http://www.audiomulch.com/09b11notes.htm .
      > Over the past year AudioMulch has evolved in a number of ways. Stability
      > usability have been improved, and a number of significant features have
      > introduced, including:
      > - Support for high-performance streaming of multiple sound files
      > - Support for non-interrupting background sample loading
      > - Support for AIFF sound files
      > - Support for low latency ASIO sound card drivers
      > - Multichannel support for up to 24 audio channels in and out
      > - Separate audio output settings for Sound File preview
      > - Support for VSTi MIDI instrument plugins
      > Further information about these and other changes are described in the
      > release notes for previous releases archived on the resources page:
      > http://www.audiomulch.com/resources.htm .
      > In 2003 I plan to release version 1.0 of AudioMulch, and to continue to
      > evolve the software to improve its utility as a live performance
      > and as a tool for creating new sounds.
      > AudioMulch is shareware software - I depend on the honesty of users who
      > register the software to pay my bills. Development of AudioMulch currently
      > consumes most of my working time, however development will not be able to
      > continue at the current rate without increased financial support through
      > user registrations. If you have not registered AudioMulch, please consider
      > registering to support its ongoing development ( see the registration page
      > for more information http://www.audiomulch.com/register.htm ). Shareware
      > registrations purchased now are valid for all version 1.x releases. To
      > of you who have already registered: thank you, I really appreciate your
      > support.
      > If you're a regular user of AudioMulch, and haven't yet discoverd the
      > discuss mailing list, you might be interested in joining. The mailing list
      > provides a forum for AudioMulch users to discuss tips, techniques and
      > topics related to the use of AudioMulch. AudioMulch documents and links to
      > music created with AudioMulch are shared in the Yahoo! groups members
      > Further information is available at the following URL:
      > http://www.audiomulch.com/mulch-discuss.htm
      > Best wishes for the new year,
      > Ross Bencina
      > rossb@...
      > P.S. If you don't want to receive future AudioMulch announcements, please
      > reply to this email with 'remove' in the subject line.
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