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  • Paul Whalley
    Promotion costs money, even on MP3.com. I ve been thinking about his a bit... I m not quite sure what we do to get around this... Does anybody have
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 5, 1999
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      'Promotion costs money, even on MP3.com.
      'I've been thinking about his a bit...
      'I'm not quite sure what we do to get around this...
      'Does anybody have experience promoting on MP3.com?
      'Paul Whalley seems to have had some success...
      'Paul - did you promote your songs?
      ' Shawn

      From my experience, it seems like you need ranking in
      the top 40 for any specific genre. How do you get a
      new song into the top 40? Get everyone you know to
      do lo-fi plays and downloads. Once you are in the top
      40, casual strangers will be more likely to listen to
      your work. If you want to hang on to your position,
      do a lo-fi play and a download each day. This won't
      guarantee upward movement in the chart, but it will
      keep the song somewhat active.

      I suspect that some folks might consider this to be
      cheating, but my goal is to get folks to listen to my
      music, not to sell CDs. In the real music business, I
      imagine the tactics are far more cut-throat and much
      less ethical.

      By the way, I have just posted a new piece on my mp3
      web page. It is called "Dance Without Smiles" and it
      is the result of applying what I have recently learned
      from Berry's "Structural Functions in Music" (Dover
      Press). You can take a listen to it at:


      Regards to all,

      Paul W.

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