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SEC Announces 100% Return of Funds to Defrauded CNDD and AHFI invest SEC Announces 100% Return of Funds to Defrauded Concorde America and Absolute Health Investors Washington, D.C., April 14, 2009 (LAWFUEL) – Investors who
Steve Kirsch
Apr 14, 2009
Steve Kirsch
Feb 5, 2007
if you lost money on CNDD, AHFI, or BHLL, this is important please fill out the survey on this page: http://www.junkfax.org/fax/profiles/wsp/bushross/LossSurvey2.htm The FBI is investigating this case and it is highly
Steve Kirsch
Mar 15, 2006
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did you save the promotion that caused you to buy the stocks? If you saved the junkfax, email, or other evidence that caused you to make your purchase of CNDD, AHFI, TWTN, BDYS, SGNJ, BHLL, please reply and let me know. I
Steve Kirsch
Mar 13, 2006
additional stocks are eligible for recovery any of these stocks are eligible for recovery: CNDD, AHFI, TWTN, BDYS, SGNJ, BHLL register at: http://www.junkfax.org/fax/profiles/wsp/bushross/LossSurvey.htm
Steve Kirsch
Nov 22, 2005
if you lost money, you are eligible (you needn't have received a ju if you lost money on CNDD, AHFI, BDYS, SGNJ because you saw the website, email, fax, whatever, you are eligible and should register your total $ loss. You need
Steve Kirsch
Nov 21, 2005
Great news! You may be able to recover most of the money you lost o Great news. I obtained some key evidence in the mail today that I believe proves beyond any reasonable doubt that Bush Ross is liable for your loss. I believe
Steve Kirsch
Nov 21, 2005
I need your help to go after these guys I believe that the best way to get your money back is to sue Bush Ross. They are a big law firm that I believe was a co-conspirator in the fraud. But in order
Steve Kirsch
Nov 20, 2005
New poll for cnddStockFraud Enter your vote today! A new poll has been created for the cnddStockFraud group: If a lawyer were hired (charging 50% of your judgment) to pursue recovery of
Nov 6, 2005
A potential way to recover your lost funds from AHFI, CNDD, etc. st Civil conspiracy case law suggests that all of the actors who conspired to defraud you are liable. Keep that fact in mind as you read this page:
Steve Kirsch
Oct 26, 2005
Heysek bench warrant Easily the best news you'll hear all day: http://www.junkfax.org/fax/profiles/wsp/HeysekBenchWarrant.PDF
Steve Kirsch
Jul 19, 2005
Heysek fails to show at contempt hearing; bench warrant issued Tom Heysek who wrote the phoney stock writeups will soon have a warrant for his arrest. Tom was a no show at his contempt hearing.
Steve Kirsch
Jun 22, 2005
get even with the stock scammers in 5 minutes There are 132 members of this group. Only 5 people took the 5 minutes to fill out the Declaration form for Heysek's contempt hearing on Thursday at 3pm in Dept
Steve Kirsch
May 7, 2005
How to get "even" with Heysek for your stock loss Tom Heysek, the guy who wrote the phoney stock writeups documented on the junkfax.org site, has to appear on May 12 at 3pm in Dept 84 in Palo Alto, CA at the
Steve Kirsch
May 4, 2005
Legal progress I'm willing to supply the evidence, but someone who was defrauded needs to take the time to find a lawyer in the Tampa area who will take on the case against
Steve Kirsch
Mar 17, 2005
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How you got ripped off (TWTN, AHFI, CNDD, BDYS, etc) I've updated the web page with more facts based on hundreds of pages the SEC filed in court, e.g., Woltz did in fact work for Jaynes as I suspected, the
Steve Kirsch
Mar 10, 2005
Getting your money back (Part II) It's been 8 days since I posted what action you could take to get your money back (i.e., finding a Tampa lawyer who wants to expose Bush Ross). There are 99
Steve Kirsch
Mar 10, 2005
How to get your money back The SEC has frozen the assets of many of the principals involved in this scam. However, they have not named Jere Ross who was the attorney for Kos and Lord. I
Steve Kirsch
Mar 2, 2005
SEC takes action against junk fax pump and dumpers Tom Heysek, Brya See the lawsuit at: http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/comp19085.pdf U.S. SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Litigation Release No. 19085 / February 16,
Steve Kirsch
Feb 16, 2005
AHFI, TWTN, CNDD, BDYS, SGNJ scam: are you in California? If you lost money on AHFI, TWTN, CNDD, BDYS, SGNJ, or any other winningstockpick stock and you live in California, please reply to this message and tell me: 1)
Steve Kirsch
Jan 13, 2005
Getting your money back from Heysek, Kos, etc. There are now close to 50 members of this Yahoo group on the CNDD, AHFI, TWTN, etc. stock fraud. At least one person lost $80,000 due to these people. I've
Steve Kirsch
Jan 1, 2005
class action against Heysek, Kos, etc. I have a class action attorney in Seattle Washington who could go after Heysek, Kos, and the gang. But one of you has to be located in Washington state to make
Steve Kirsch
Dec 29, 2004
Meet Tom Heysek: the guy who ripped you off January 3 at 1pm 270 Grant Av, Palo Alto CA He'll be in small claims court, dept 86, because I'm suing him. If he doesn't show, he's out a lot of money.
Steve Kirsch
Dec 29, 2004
Tom Heysek in Palo Alto, CA court on Monday I'm suing Heysek for sending me junk faxes (including CNDD) on Monday in Palo Alto at 1pm. He'll show up for sure. You can meet him too. 270 Grant Av Palo
Steve Kirsch
Nov 13, 2004
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