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19626[CMMi Process Improvement] Gage R&R

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  • Prashant Kanjilal
    Sep 20, 2013

      Dear Professionals


      1.Some CMMI HMLAs would like to check institutionalization of Gage R&R in PAs such as M&A, OPP and QPM etc.


      2. The interpretation and meaningful usage of Gage R&R as part of MSA in software development and application support projects appears to be not straight forward and hence challenging. The reason being, every software development object is unique ( not identical as in manufacturing) and the measurements including estimations are


      ·         Mostly based on  expert advice and/or manual or through tools and

      ·         Measurements are often derived and not direct as in hardware/manufacturing scenarios.


      3. In view of above, may I request you to suggest as to how to study repeatability, reproducibility, accuracy, precision   etc. in measures (most of them are ratios like, planned against actuals, defects per KLOC/Fn Points. Etc.) such as


      ·         Effort Variance

      ·         Schedule Variance

      ·         Defect Densities

      ·         Rework

      ·         Productivity etc.

      Note: You may use your own formula for above measures(Org to org, it may vary )  or any other measure


      4. Request you to give your suggestions/views on points given in Para 3 above .


      Thanks & Regards

      Prashant K




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