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19624Re: [CMMi Process Improvement] Causal Analysis and Resolution at Organization

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    Sep 15, 2013
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      There are several significant differences between root cause analysis at Level 3/4 and Level 5. Two key words are "systematically addressed" which are in the goal statements. At lower levels I view CAR as opportunistic, but at Level 5 is is built into your overall continuous improvement activity.
      At L5 the activity needs to be at least in part the result of looking at deviation from expected outcomes predicted by performance models and Process Performance Baselines (if the predictions are incorrect, you have work to do to make them useful). Added to this would be actions taken for defect root cause analysis (RCA)which leads to defect prediction. If you have shown causality and correlation between defect types and root causes in the past, then you can "systematically" start from that. You should definitely look at the outcomes of defect RCA for common cause, as this is where you can get significant return for less effort.
      What I have observed on occasion is that the number of defects found in reviews and test in L5 organizations is so low that they do RCA on all defects.
      Let's take an example - to address your question regarding "all current projects".  you have 5 projects being evaluated and one does not do any analysis of defects (and they do have defects). The same project does not do any causal analysis of unusual outcomes, positive or negative. One would characterize their state as "Not Implemented" in an appraisal. Depending on the team judgment, this case of NI could result in either LI or PI for the practice. PI would have a negative consequence in the Goal rating.
      Regarding your last question, I 'm not sure what you are asking. Root Causes are not outcomes. And you would not analyze common root cause (analysis has already been done)  - you would look at the root cause analysis results to find the common root causes that would provide the best return for whatever resource is available for preventive action
      Not sure if I have answered your question - if not please clarify

      Ed Weller
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      Subject: [CMMi Process Improvement] Causal Analysis and Resolution at Organization


      Hello Everybody,


      I have one question related to CAR that needs your help.


      During project execution, if a project objective is not met, a project must perform CAR to address a root cause and come up with an action plan to resolve that root cause.  Doing a CAR at project only satisfies QPM SP2.3.  To satisfy ML5, an organization must perform CAR periodically.  Assuming that I want to perform CAR for defects at organization, do I need to collect all defects from all current projects and analyze them to find out a root cause?  If we do that way, I repeat  unintentially what projects did when they conducted CAR for their projects.  Can I treat root causes of projects as outcomes so I just need to gather all root causes from projects and only analyze common root causes?


      Please advise.


      Best Regards,



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