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19621[CMMi Process Improvement] Function points adjustment and requirements taxonomy

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  • SteveN
    Aug 10, 2013
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      Hello Remy,

      Actually the GSC have never been required, and since they were rejected by ISO, IFPUG has made it clear they are optional. Whether a count adjusted using them is distinguished by AFP or UFP. Actually there is some ambiguity in AFP because there are the General Systems Characteristics (GSC) (an ordinal scale from 0 - 5) and the GSC Guidelines (an interval scale from 0 - 5, with clear descriptions for each possible value). There is no indication which adjustment was used, but the vast majority of AFP (in my experience) use the guidelines and IFPUG CFPS testing has always deferred to the guidelines. And you are right too generally that the GSC (guidelines) are fraught with problems. The GSC themselves are a sound analysis tool applied against a particular data set, but probably should not be a general part of functional sizing, but rather part of the general analysis incorporating the size measures.

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