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19612Re: [CMMi Process Improvement] CMMI-SVC for testing

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  • pactotoole
    Aug 3, 2013
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      Perhaps it’s best not to think of SSD and SST as related to particular ongoing service projects; rather, it may be better to think of them as being more related to extending your service catalogue.  Imagine that you work for an organization that provides independent testing for your clients.  To date, your primary service offering has been system testing, and the means by which you perform the system testing is manual – i.e, no automated testing.
      In reviewing your strategic market position, you are starting to become concerned because your major competitors have recently reduced their prices, so they are now the “low cost suppliers.”  In exploring your options to meet or beat your competitors’ prices, you decide to explore automating some of your test suites.  As you continue down this path, you find that the automated test tool provides a number of reports related to the percentage of code tested, the percentage of branches covered, etc.  You ALSO discover that automating the test suites allows you to consider offering a new service to your clients – full suite regression testing.
      As you continue down the path of “productizing” the test reporting capabilities and regression testing service, you are executing SSD – you are developing new service systems to enhance and extend the services to your clients.  As you operationalize these service offerings, you will be executing SST.  (Updating your service catalogue with these new now-standard service offerings will also bring STSM into the mix).
      So, unlike WP, WMC, RSKM, etc., SSD and SST are not necessarily “service project” related per se.  Operationalizing new services will allow you to include them on future service offerings, but SSD and SST themselves are typically not “current project-related” process areas (although I could certainly conceive of cases where they COULD be).
      Hope this helps,
      Sent: Wednesday, July 31, 2013 10:39 AM
      Subject: [CMMi Process Improvement] CMMI-SVC for testing


      Can any of you provide examples of applying the SVC specific PAs - SST and SSD on a Software Testing Project? Let me know.

      Regards, Thomas.

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