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19608Re: [CMMi Process Improvement] Review efficiency as a metric

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    Jul 16, 2013
      Review effectiveness is a much better indication of the success of reviews - % of defects found - which means you have to colect all post inspection defect discoveries
      When you worry too much about efficiency (cost per defect found) in inspections) you are creating a "go faster" environment, which has been proven over 40 years to result in higher overall life cycle costs
      For definitions, etc, suggest you get Ron Radices book on inspections - it will also in detail explain the false value of efficiency compared to effectiveness
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      Subject: [CMMi Process Improvement] Review efficiency as a metric


      Hi All,
      Could you please ellaborate on Review efficiency as a metric? How can we use in the organization? What is the formula for that? Can review efficiency use for Code review or document review?
      Please suggest.
      Thanks & Regards

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