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  • Robert Teague
    Hi, all! I m Robert Teague, and just joined. I m an amateur astronomer and astrophysicist, and my main interest is extrasolar planetary systems. I ve been
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2001
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      Hi, all!
      I'm Robert Teague, and just joined. I'm an amateur astronomer and astrophysicist,
      and my main interest is extrasolar planetary systems.
      I've been using the Equation Editor in my HP 200LX palmtop to do research,
      but it's now 5 years old and getting a bit creaky. So I recently bought a notebook
      computer to set up as a research tool, and have been looking around for some
      math software for it.
      For me, programming it myself is out--the only language I know is an obsolete
      version of BASIC.  I looked at Mathematica, but that's rather more than I can
      handle. MathCAD is still a possibility, if I can find it here in Atlanta. If I can use
      Cmap for what I need, I won't bother with it.
      I do like the conversion utility, though I could suggest some additions.
      For me, understanding math is a slow process, and inventing equations is
      right out-- but I CAN break down an equation found in a paper, put it in my
      palmtop and use it. The Equation Editor is simple, easy to use, and will solve
      for any variable.
      What I want to do with Cmap is the same thing--have a standard set of equations
      to work with, and solve for whichever variable I need.
      It's likely I'm the problem, but in playing with Cmap, I've found the documentation
      assumes familiarity with ways of doing things, and knowledge I simply don't have.
      I'm going to keep playing with it, but will likely be asking some questions.
      For now, though, I have just one:  how do you stop the 'readme' file from popping
      up when you open the program? I can't find anything to 'uncheck' for it in any menu.
      PS-- Happy Holidays, y'all!
      "I'll tell you--just give me the old flying carpet, and I'd be a happy sorcerer.
      But no, they tell us we have to 'move with the times'!"
                                                    --Sorrell, "Murky's Comet"
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