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152Gotta prob... Manual integration with small deltas

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  • Rainbow Sally
    Dec 9, 2003
      Hi Dr. Ha and everyone!

      Anybody found a way to do manual integration with good results here?

      I have this program (ick.cmp) that won't calculate the areas of a
      rectangular or a triangular area when the deltas are medium small. Not
      infinitessimal at all.

      If you run the test with the global variable named "test" set to 1 it
      will miscalculate like crazy. When you set "test" to 2 it uses enormous
      deltas but comes up with much more accurate values. I tried messing
      with tol#=1e-6 and it's still pretty bad.

      I'm also tossing in a graph program (SoL.cmp for "speed of light") to
      show the sharp knee in the mass/velocity curve near the speed of light
      just for fun.

      It really is practically a brick wall.

      I'm using CMAP to generate graphics as I explore physics and math a bit.