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Mass Storage and Parallel I/O -- IEEE & Wiley Press's new book

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  • Rajkumar Buyya
    ... High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O: Technologies and Applications A Joint Publication of the: IEEE and Wiley Press Edited by: Hai Jin, Toni
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      ----------------- A N E W B O O K A N N O U N C E M E N T --------------------

      High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O: Technologies and Applications

      A Joint Publication of the: IEEE and Wiley Press

      Edited by: Hai Jin, Toni Cortes, Rajkumar Buyya

      Foreword by: David Patterson, University of California @ Berkeley

      Today’s data-driven high performance computer technologies demand reliable delivery
      systems that combine high-level computing, storage, I/O, and network communication
      performance. Due to the growth of Internet-driven applications like digital libraries,
      virtual laboratories, video on demand, e-commerce, web services, and collaborative
      systems, issues such as storage capacity and access speed have become critical in the
      design of today's computer systems.

      High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O fills the need for a readily accessible
      single reference source on the subject of high-performance, large scale storage and
      delivery systems, specifically the use of Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
      that are accessed using parallel input/output (I/O) architecture. The authors, all
      internationally recognized experts in the field, have combined the best of the current
      literature on the subject with important information on emerging technologies and future

      Topics covered include:

      * Redundant Disk Array Architectures
      * Fault Tolerance Issues in Disk Arrays
      * Caching and Prefetching
      * Parallel File Systems
      * Parallel I/O Systems
      * Parallel I/O Programming Paradigms
      * Parallel I/O Applications and Environments
      * Emerging Technologies and Future Trends

      A valuable resource for both students and computer technology and professionals in the
      field, High Performance Mass Storage and Parallel I/O delivers state-of-the-art
      information that will help today’s system designers and application developers meet the
      increasing demand for high-performance, large-scale storage systems.

      For further information and sample chapters (RAID and Infiniband) browse the book website:

      The book is available from:

      Wiley: http://www.wiley.com/Corporate/Website/Objects/Products/0,9049,1848692,00.html
      Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0471208094/rajkumarbuyya
      Fatbrain.com: http://www1.fatbrain.com/asp/bookinfo/bookinfo.asp?theisbn=0471208094&vm=

      Table of Contents


      *** PART I Introduction to Redundant Disk Array Architecture ***

      1 A Case for Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID)
      David Patterson, Garth Gibson, and Randy Katz

      2 Disk System Architectures for High Performance Computing
      Randy H. katz, and Garth A. Gibson and D. Patterson

      3 The Performance of Parity Placements in Disk Arrays
      Edward K.Lee and Randy H. Katz

      4 A Performance Comparison of RAID-5 and Log-Structured Arrays
      Jai Menon

      *** PART II Advanced Disk Array Architectures ***

      5 Parity Logging Overcoming the Small Write Problem in Redundant Disk Arrays
      Daniel Stodolsky, Garth Gibson, and Mark Holland

      6 Distributed RAID - A New Multiple Copy Algorithm
      Michael Stonebraker and Gerhard A. Schloss

      7 The HP AutoRAID Hierarchical Storage System
      John Wilkes, Richard Golding, Carl Staelin, and Tim Sullivan

      8 Scalable Distributed Log Structured Arrays
      Witold Litwin and Jai Menon

      9 Comparison of Sparing Alternatives for Disk Arrays
      Jai Menon

      10 Destage Algorithms for Disk Arrays with Non-Volatile Caches
      Anujan Varma and Quinn Jacobson

      *** PART III Fault Tolerance Issues in Disk Arrays ***

      11 Failure Correction Techniques for Large Disk Arrays
      Garth A. Gibson, Lisa Hellerstein, Richard M. Karp, Randy H. Katz and David A. Patterson

      12 Tolerating Multiple Failures in RAID Architectures with Optimal Storage and Uniform
      Guillermo A. Alvarez, Walter A. Burkhard, and Flaviu Cristian

      13 Parity Declustering for Continuous Operation in Redundant Disk Arrays
      Mark Holland and Garth A. Gibson

      14 The EVENODD Code and its Generalization
      Mario Blaum, Jim Brady, Jehoshua Bruck, Jai Menon, and Alexander Vardy

      *** PART IV Caching and Prefetching ***

      15 RAPID-Cache--A Reliable and Inexpensive Write Cache for Disk I/O Systems
      Yiming Hu, Qing Yang, and Tycho Nightingale

      16 Informed Prefetching and Caching
      R. Hugo Patterson, Garth A. Gibson, Eka Ginting, Daniel Stodolsky, and Jim Zelenka

      17 Practical Prefetching Techniques for Multiprocessor File Systems
      David Kotz and Carla Schlatter Ellis

      18 Design Issues of a Cooperative Cache with no Coherence Problems
      Toni Cortes, Sergi Girona and Jesus us Labarta

      19 Collective Buffering: Improving Parallel I/O Performance
      Bill Nitzberg and Virginia Lo

      *** PART V Parallel File Systems ***

      20 The Vesta Parallel File System
      Peter F. Corbett and Dror G. Feitelson

      21 The Zebra Striped Network File System
      John H. Hartman and John K. Ousterhout

      22 PPFS: A High Performance Portable Parallel File System
      James V. Huber, Jr., Christopher L. Elford, Daniel A. Reed,
      Andrew A. Chien, and David S. Blumenthal

      23 The Global File System
      Steven R. Soltis, Thomas M. Ruwart, Grant M. Erickson,
      Kenneth W. Preslan, and Matthew T. O'Keefe

      24 Serverless Network File Systems
      Thomas E. Anderson, Michael D. Dahlin, Jeanna M. Neefe Matthews,
      David A. Patteson, Drew S. Roselli, and Randolph Y. Wang

      *** PART VI Parallel I/O Systems ***

      25 Parallel I/O Subsystems in Massively Parallel Supercomputers
      Dror G. Feitelson, Peter F. Corbett, Sandra Johnson Baylor, and Yarsun Hsu

      26 RAID-II: A High-Bandwidth Network File Server
      Ann L. Chervenak, Ken Shirriff, John H. Hartman, Ethan L. Miller, Srinivasan Seshan,
      Randy H. Katz, Ken Lutz, David A. Patterson, Edward K. Lee, Peter M. Chen, and Garth A.

      27 Petal: Distributed Virtual Disks
      Edward K.Lee and Chandramohan A. Thekkath

      28 A Cost-Effective, High-Bandwidth Storage Architecture
      Garth A. Gibson, David F. Nagle, Khalil Amiri, Jeff Butler, Fay W. Chang, Howard Gobioff,
      Charles Hardin, Erik Riedel, David Rochberg, and Jim Zelenka

      29 RAID-x: A New Distributed Disk Array for I/O-Centric Cluster Computing
      Kai Hwang, Hai Jin and Roy S. C. Ho

      30 Designing a Self-Maintaining Storage System
      Satoshi Asami, Nisha Talagala, and David A. Patterson

      31 Modeling and Evaluation of Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks
      Xavier Molero, Federico Silla, Vicente Santonja and Jose Duato

      *** PART VII Parallel I/O Programming Paradigms ***

      32 Overview of the MPI-IO Parallel I/O Interface
      Peter Corbett, Dror Feitelson, Sam Fineberg, Yarsun Hsu, Bill Nitzberg,
      Jean-Pierre Prost, Marc Snir, Bernard Traversat, and Parkson Wong

      33 Disk Resident Arrays: An Array-Oriented I/O Library for Out-of-Core Computations
      Ian Foster and Jarek Nieplocha

      34 Active Disks: Programming Model, Algorithms and Evaluation
      Anurag Acharya, Mustafa Uysal, and Joel Saltz

      35 Disk-directed I/O for MIMD Multiprocessors
      David Kotz

      *** PART VIII Parallel I/O Applications and Environments ***

      36 Applications-Driven Parallel I/O
      Nicholas P. Galbreath, William D. Gropp, and David M. Levine

      37 Comparing Multimedia Storage Architectures
      Benoit A. Gennart and Roger D. Hersch

      38 High Availability in Clustered Multimedia Servers
      Renu Tewari, Daniel M. Dias, Rajat Mukherjee, and Harrick M. Vin

      39 An Architecture for a Scalable High-Performance Digital Library
      R. Grossman, X. Qin, W. Xu, H. Hulen, and T. Tyler

      40 I/O Requirements of Scientific Applications: An Evolutionary View
      Evgenia Smirni, Ruth A. Aydt, Andrew A. Chien, Daniel A. Reed

      41 Mitra: A Scalable Continuous Media Server
      Shahram Ghandeharizadeh, Roger Zimmermann, Weifeng Shi, Reza Rejaie,
      Douglas J. Ierardi, and Ta-Wei Li

      *** PART IX Emerging Technologies and Future Trends ***

      42 An Introduction to the InfiniBand Architecture
      Gregory F. Pfister

      43 XML, Hyper-media, and Fortran I/O
      Dror G. Feitelson and Tomer Klainer

      44 I/O Programming Paradigms: Past and Future
      Mahmut Taylan Kandemir and Alok Choudhary

      45 Scientific Applications using Parallel I/O
      Ron Oldfeld and David Kotz

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