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An Invitation to Participate in CCGrid 2004, Chicago (April 19-22)

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  • Rajkumar Buyya
    Dear All, Please find enclosed an invitation to participate in CCGrid 2004 conference sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society (CS) Task Force on Cluster
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 22, 2004
      Dear All,

      Please find enclosed an invitation to participate in CCGrid 2004 conference
      sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society (CS) Task Force on Cluster Computing.

      Please share it with your colleagues, friends, and students!

      An Open Invitation to Participate in CCGrid 2004, Chicago (April 19-22)

      General Chairs Charlie Catlett and Pete Beckman, and Honorary Chairman
      Ian Foster invite you and your team to join them for CCGrid2004, April
      19-22, Chicago, IL http://www.ccgrid.org/ccgrid2004/ - And there are
      less than two weeks left to take advantage of Advance Registration

      The IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid
      (CCGrid) brings together the leading developers of cluster computing
      systems and grid computing middleware from academia, government and
      industry throughout the world. CCGrid 2004 will meet April 19-22, 2004
      at the landmark Drake Hotel located on downtown Chicago's Magnificent
      Mile and overlooking Oak Street Beach and Lake Michigan.

      We are pleased to announce CCGrid 2004 keynote speakers Rick Stevens,
      University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory, Satoshi Matsuoka,
      Tokyo Institute of Technology and Wesley Kaplow, Qwest Communications.

      Tutorials include:
      . WS-Resource Framework and WS-Notification - Introduction and
      Early Experiences of the Globus Project - Steve Tuecke and Lisa Childers
      from the Globus Project. WSRF was introduced in January 2004 as an
      evolution of the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI v. 1). In this
      tutorial, participants will learn from GT experts how the toolkit has
      been impacted by the introduction of WSRF and the implications on future
      releases. This will be the first public setting where early
      experiences with WSRF in the GT will be discussed in detail.

      . State of InfiniBand in Designing Next Generation Clusters,
      Cluster-based Servers and Datacenters -Professor Dhabaleswar Panda from
      The Ohio State University. Those interested in exploring all layers of
      high-performance computing (i.e., networking, middleware, storage,
      applications) will benefit from this tutorial as he describes the
      advantages and novel features of InfiniBand while comparing it to other
      interconnects like Myrinet and Quadrics.

      . Using MPI-2: Advanced Features of the Message Passing Interface
      - Rob Ross and Rajeev Thakur, both from Argonne National Lab. This
      tutorial will include an overview of new features of MPI-2 and how it
      can be used to increase performance. Because implementations of MPI-2
      are currently available, the approach of this tutorial will be to look
      at a series of programs (in C, Fortran, and C++) of increasing
      complexity. This will enable tutorial participants to walk away with a
      practical understanding of the basic message-passing concepts of MPI and

      Seven Workshops led by over 30 leaders in the community include:
      . The 4th International Workshop on Global and P2P Computing
      . GAN`04, Workshop on Grids and Advanced Networks
      . DSM 2004, The 2004 International Workshop on Distributed Shared
      Memory on Clusters
      . Grid.Edu 2004, International Workshop on Grid Education
      . The 2nd International Workshop on Parallel I/O in Cluster and
      Grid Computing Systems
      . The 2nd International Workshop on Biomedical Computations on the
      . The 1st International Workshop on Collaborative Learning
      Applications of Grid Technology

      Advance Registration is available through April 5. Please register for
      the conference and tutorials today to guarantee your spot at this
      exciting event http://www.ccgrid.org/ccgrid2004/
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