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Request to contribute your idle PC CPU cycles runing Windows to our Global Data Grid Collaboration!

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  • Rajkumar Buyya
    Dear All, I have shared the message below with all of you earlier. So far, we have been mainly supporting Grid nodes that run Globus software. Our group
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      Dear All,

      I have shared the message below with all of you earlier. So far,
      we have been mainly supporting Grid nodes that run Globus software.
      Our group recently developed a GridNode Worker Module called Alchemi which
      you can run on PC running Window OS + free .NET framework AND contribute
      to our Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration. Our Grid schedule is
      able to schedule computations on Unix-class Gridnodes running Globus and
      Windows-class Gridnodes running Alchemi with .NET. We are keen on having
      many Windows OS based PC node in our testbed. Installation is very
      simple. Please check out:
      and download, install and email me when you do so.
      We will be demonstrate our Grid technologies and applications at
      Supercompting Conference (http://www.sc-conference.org/sc2003/) in USA
      between Nov. 17-20. You help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

      Please let me know if you plan to install our Alchemi Worker Module.

      When you install Alchemi, please email the following details
      to Jia YU <jiayu@...>:
      1. Your details:
      - Name, Email ID, Place (City and Country)
      for placing your details at:
      2. Also email your machine details such as:
      1. CPU model - Intel/AMD
      2. Hostname/IP address?
      3. Windows which version [e.g., Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows Server]
      for placing at:

      Thanks for your help.


      ---------------------------Earlier Message---------------------------------
      Our proposal entitled "Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration", for
      demonstration as
      part of the "HPC Challenge" event in the upcoming SC 2003 conference (in
      USA) has been
      accepted. We aim to construct world-largest grid testbed and demonstrate six
      data-intensive computing applications on it. I would like to invite you
      to join us by
      providing access to your Grid resources and/or even demonstrating your
      application on this
      testbed as part of HPC Challenge. A formal request is given below.

      The testbed we are putting together is growing rapidly -- thanks to the
      efforts of all our
      volunteers, contributors, and collaborators. The current status of
      testbed (resources and
      their configuration etc.) can be browsed via interactive portal:
      http://gridbus.cs.mu.oz.au/sc2003/ (collaboration web page)
      http://previn.cs.mu.oz.au:8080/gridscape-hpc/ (direct URL)
      We had good access in getting access to majority of Grid nodes located
      in Asia, Australia,
      & Europe. The collaboration is also aiming to build a giant Grid
      containing over 100
      "active" Grid sites/nodes around the world. Your help in this regard
      will be highly

      ** After the HPC Challenge demo, we will be documenting all our efforts,
      how we grid
      enabled applications, what all Grid tools we used along with the results
      of grid
      applications; and we will share them with you all.**

      if you need any specific information/clarification, please let us know.

      Thank you very much.
      Subject: Invitation to Join the Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration
      - for SC 2003
      HPC Challenge demo

      Dear Colleague:

      I am pleased to inform you that our proposal "the Global Data-Intensive Grid
      Collaboration" for demonstration as part of the "HPC Challenge" event in
      the upcoming SC
      2003 conference in USA has been accepated. The aim of this
      collaboration is to assemble
      applications, resources, and technologies of both tightly and loosely
      coordinated groups
      and institutions around the world in order to demonstrate the two HPC
      Challenges of SC
      2003: Most Data-Intensive and Geographically Distributed Applications.
      This task is
      ambitious, but it is not impossible; we are confident of meeting it with the
      help of volunteers like you. The only requirement of being a member of
      this collaboration
      is that you are able to provide access to your Grid resources or even
      able to assist
      others with your expertise. The outcomes of this collaboration with all
      volunteers and

      The global data grid testbed constructed using volunteer resources will
      be used for
      demonstrating six key data-intensive applications: high-energy physics,
      natural language
      processing, portfolio analysis, molecular-docking, neuroscience, and
      hydrology modelling.
      We also encourage you to demonstrate your own Grid application on this

      The resources can be Unix-based machines or Windows-based machines (you
      need to be running
      our Alchemi software that allows you to create a cluster of window/.NET
      machines and it
      has been extended to provide access to cluster as a webservice, which our
      gridbus broker is able to explore). More about H/W and software
      requirements for
      participate in this collaboration can be found at:

      If the above request is agreeable to you, can you please provide us
      access to your
      machines (running Globus 2.2 or above OR if are able to run our Alchemi
      on windows with
      .NET software).

      We look forward hearing from your in the near future.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

      Best wishes
      On behalf of the "Global Data-Intensive Grid Collaboration"

      Dr. Rajkumar Buyya
      Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Lab: http://gridbus.org
      Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering
      The University of Melbourne
      ICT Building, 111, Barry Street,
      Carlton, Melbourne, VIC 3053, Australia
      Phone: +61-3-8344 1344 (office); +61-3-9569 8004 (home)
      Fax: +61-3-9348 1184; eFax: +1-413-845-2525
      Email: rajkumar@... | raj@...
      URL: http://www.buyya.com | http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~raj
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