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19July TFCC- Cluster Computing Newsletter

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  • Rajkumar Buyya
    Jul 2, 2003
      Dear All,

      I am sure some of you will be interested in articles appreared in the
      recent TFCC newsletter. Pls see the msg below.


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      Subject: July TFCC Newsletter
      Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 12:59:13 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Frank Sommers <fsommers@...>
      To: tfcc@...

      Dear TFCC List Subscriber,

      I'm pleased to announce the July/03 issue of the TFCC's very own
      Newsletter, which is available at:


      The current issue carries the topic of large-scale clusters -
      "geo-clusters" or "grids" - into the realm of data management. Jim Gray
      (Microsoft Research) has contributed a fascinating piece on the economics
      of distributed computing. The article takes current price trends in
      hardware and networking into account to help determine when moving a
      computing task from one cluster node (or grid node) to another makes
      economic sense.

      Wolfgang von Rueden and Rosy Mondardini (both with CERN) are involved in
      the construction of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which will become the
      world's most powerful particle accelerator when it starts operations in
      2007. LHC will generate several petabytes of data per year, and that data
      must be made accessible for analysis to over 5,000 physicists world-wide.
      Their article describes some of the solutions to that huge data management
      challenge utilizing grid technologies.

      Finally, Craig Lee (The Aerospace Corporation) graciously contributed a
      review of CCGrid 2003, one of the two international conferences
      co-sponsored and organized by the TFCC, and which took place in Tokyo in

      With this Newsletter issue, we started a new section offering brief
      descriptions of cluster- and grid-related software releases. The current
      issue features a brief synopsis of GridSim 2.1, an open-source grid
      simulation toolkit.

      Call for Contributions

      The Newsletter is the effort of the TFCC community, and you are invited to
      submit news items, announcements (conferences, projects, grants, products,
      etc), that you think might be of interest to the broader cluster computing
      community. If you're willing to write up a brief description of your
      project or product, we will include it in a forthcoming issue's "New
      Releases" section. Otherwise, for short news items, we'll provide a URL
      reference from the front page.

      Of course, the Newsletter welcomes full article submissions as well. Over
      the past three issues, we tried to focus on a topic in each issue, and
      explore that topic from different angles in a few articles. We're planning
      to keep that approach for forthcoming issues, with the following areas of

      Vol. 5/No. 2: Application server clustering
      Vol. 5/No. 3: What's new with Beowulfs
      Vol. 5/No. 4: Cluster interconnects
      Vol. 5/No. 5: Small-scale clusters, clusters-in-a-box, embedded clusters, etc.
      Vol. 5/No. 6: Generic clusters vs. custom built clusters/supercomputers

      If you'd like to submit articles on any of these topics, or if you have
      any suggestions about future subject areas, please let us know by sending
      email to editor@....

      Call for department editor

      A new feature that we have been thinking of introducing would be titled
      "Living with Clusters" or "Cluster Experience," or something along those
      lines. It would feature a brief article, or perhaps an interview, with
      someone who would share his (or her!) experience in managing a large
      cluster configuration on a day-to-day basis. I think this feature would
      interest those who are considering building or using a cluster, but are
      not quite sure what to expect in terms of the added management
      responsibility. This Newsletter feature would offer first-hand accounts of
      "living with clusters." However, we do not have any spare cycles at the
      moment to introduce that feature (spot potential contributors, edit the
      articles, etc). So we'd like to take advantage of some parallel
      processing: If you're interested in editing that new section, please send
      us email at editor@....


      I would like to take this opportunity to thank the TFCC for the generous
      support of $1,000 for the production of the Newsletter in 2003. This
      support will enable us to continue improving the Newsletter, and to
      publish more frequent issues for the rest of this year.

      Sponsorship opportunity

      As you know, the Newsletter is an entirely volunteer effort. However, we
      do have some expenses on occasion, and we'd especially like to compensate
      some of the volunteer students who have been very helpful in making
      improvements to the Newsletter. If you or your company is interested in
      sponsoring the Newsletter, please send me an email to

      And, most important, have a wonderful Summer!


      Frank Sommers
      TFCC Newsletter

      IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing