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15The Gridbus Project Releases GridSim 2.0 @ SC 2002 (fwd)

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  • Rajkumar Buyya
    Nov 21, 2002
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      Dear Colleagues:

      On behalf of the Gridbus Project at the University of Melbourne,
      Australia, I am pleased to inform you that we have released the
      next-version of Grid simulation software, GridSim 2.0 toolkit, at the SC
      2002 conference, Baltimore, USA.

      The new version of GridSim has been substantially improved and many new
      features have been added. They include:
      * Full support for simulation of Time or Space shared,
      single or multiprocessor systems.
      * A new package for creating Grid model visually.
      * the code as been organised into the following packages:
      - base platform -- that contains entities for modeling
      and simulation of schedulers for general parallel and
      distributed systems
      On top of the base platform we developed following applications:
      - economic grid resource broker
      - visual modeller

      All components developed as part of GridSim are released as "open
      source" under the GPL license to encourage innovation and pass full
      freedom to our users.

      The early version of our GridSim toolkit has been used by several academic
      and commercial organizations around the world. They include:
      California Institute of Technology, University of Illinois at
      Urbana-Champaign, Manchester University, CERN (European Organization for
      Nuclear Research), National University of Singapore, Sun Microsystems,
      IBM, Unisys, Compaq, and British Telecom.

      The GridSim software has been used for modeling and simulating many
      interesting systems. For example, one of the users from Unisys said that
      they are exploring its use in data centre modeling. Our own usages include
      simulating economic Grid scheduler in a competitive economy
      model; economic based cluster scheduler.

      The contributors to the GridSim software (early/new version) are:
      GridSim base platform also broker:
      * Rajkumar Buyya, GRIDS Lab @ University of Melbourne
      * Manzur Murshed, GSCIT @ Monash University
      GridSim visual modeller by:
      * Anthony Sulistio, GRIDS Lab @ The U. of Melbourne.
      * Chee Shin Yeo, GRIDS Lab @ The U. of Melbourne.

      To download the GridSim software, pls visit the Gridbus Project website:

      We hope that the users of GridSim will find this new version useful.

      Thank you very much for your support.

      Best wishes
      Rajkumar Buyya
      Grid Computing and Distributed Systems (GRIDS) Lab: http://gridbus.org
      Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering
      The University of Melbourne
      SEECS Building, Room. 3.38
      221 Bouverie St., Carlton
      Melbourne, Australia
      Phone: +61-3-8344 9317 (office); +61-3-9571 3629 (home)
      Fax: +61-3-9348 1184; eFax: +1-801-720-9272
      Email: rajkumar@... | raj@...
      URL: http://www.buyya.com | http://www.cs.mu.oz.au/~raj