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570RE: { www.clubsyriaque.org } File - RECALL.

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  • Gabriel Bachar Karaziwan
    Jul 5, 2012
      Please remove me from this group


      From: clubsyriaque@yahoogroups.com
      To: clubsyriaque@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2012 07:35:11 +0000
      Subject: { www.clubsyriaque.org } File - RECALL.


      Dear Syriac Catholic Youth Club member, this forum has three goals:

      Be a forum for all Syriac Catholics living in Canada and the USA, that gives the opportunity to our youth and our members to exchange views and expertise, and coordinate their activities for their personal interest and that of the community. Roman Catholics, Syriac orthodox and all Christians are very welcomed in this forum Club.

      Promote and publicize the teaching of Syriac studies that relate to the syriac language, history and culture or to it's spiritual and scientific heritage in order to protect and preserve them.

      Promote a constructive image of the Syriac community and people and reflect that to the outside world.

      Therefore, emails must be with in one of the four following topics:

      1- A Subject about Syriac Culture, language, community or History.

      2- A Subject that concerns Eastern Christianity or Arab Christians.

      3- An Activity sponsered By the Syriac Catholic Youth Club.

      4- An Article that concerns the Catholic Faith.

      Emails have to usually correspond to one of these three topics and Must have eather an English or French version.

      We have an other Yahoo ! goup address : Syriacyouth@yahoogroups.com for sending jokes, general comments, news, wishes and topics like that.

      Thank you for your Cooperation, The Syriac Catholic Youth Club's Executive Committee.

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