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Sunday Wrap

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  • Rich Gray
    The pool was warm, the showers were warm, the weather was even warm............... but MikeG, in a neoprene vest, was cold. There is no pleasing some people.
    Message 1 of 86 , Jan 20, 2013
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      The pool was warm, the showers were warm, the weather was even warm............... but MikeG, in a neoprene vest, was cold.   There is no pleasing some people.

      Pretty ideal hockey conditions.  13 players.  Dave from Vancouver via Italy has moved to the South Bay and was there today.  He checked the website last week and saw that we played on Thursdays............. because yours truly, Da Goze, had not updated the CP website.  We actually play Wednesdays now.  But Dave, operating on bad information showed up on Thursday.  Welcome to the Bay Area Dave!!! 

      (Somebody actually looked at the website....... YOO HOO!!!!  I am updating it now.)

      Duy came to hockey reluctantly and threatened to leave before play if I could not provide appropriate swim attire.  I gave him one of those US "canvas ball breaker" suits that never seem to die.  He played well but  complained the whole time in a high voice.  Hockey requires some sacrifice Duy, join Da Club wit Da Goze.

      It was fun......... you shoulda been dere............... well maybe not.  If you came you may have whined the whole time, gotten into a fight and had us kicked out of the pool.  So maybe it's just better this way.............. SUCKA!

      I sent out a couple of Doodle, sorry, I need some info for scheduling and that seems to be the most efficient way to gather it.  So suck it up and sign it!

      And That's How Goze goes,

    • Rich Gray
      You missed a good early Sunday hockeytoday. 15 people and enough spills, chills, and thrills to keep the“Fast and Furious” franchise going for another 10
      Message 86 of 86 , Apr 5
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        You missed a good early Sunday hockey today. 15 people and enough spills, chills, and thrills to keep the “Fast and Furious” franchise going for another 10 years.

        All of the following actually did happen today, and if we are lucky it will happen again.

        First off, we could not get into the pool. The lock box did not respond to the code that the lifeguard had. Goze tried his hand at it, but to no avail. ....... but this is not a story about Goze OR the lifeguard, this is a story about an epic hockey hero, the Duke, the man who saved Easter hockey.

        The first order of business was just to get into the pool area, so Rhett jumped up on Da Goze's shoulders and climbed over the fence (a pretty piece of gymnastics). The outer door was was now open, but the lifeguard could not get her lifeguard “stuff”, neither could we get into the locker rooms etc.

        Nobody really worried too much about the lack of locker rooms or lifeguard equipment. (We've played hockey in more extreme circumstances before.) But the situation was not perfect, and the Duke set out to put things right.

        He found a 5' long, 3” diameter fence post and proceeded to “beat the SXXT” out of that lock box. The lock box relinquished its hold on the fence post. Rhett, sensing weakness, continued to beat the recalcitrant lockbox into smithereens on the pavement. Eventually the lock box disgorged its contents and all magic doors in the pool area were flung wide. Hockey commenced.

        Duy picked teams and announced that “white Dave” was on one team, while the other Dave was on the other team. Does this make Dave Q the “black Dave” or the “yellow Dave”? The politically correct police immediately jumped (metaphorically) on Duy's svelte, hairless Asian body. Duy valiantly extricated himself from his self deprecating post racial verbal fog with, “Oh, he's white Dave because he comes from Canada, 'the Great White North'”. Everyone had to admit that was a nice save.

        Later Duy got a puck to the head near black's goal, we had to be nice to him after that.

        Notable attendees were Amit (his second time), and Chris Schulz (whom we would love to see more of). Oren is playing right handed now and kicking butt. The whole black team was really in fine fettle today and the white team had their work cut out for them just to remain competitive.

        To cap off his perfect hero image Rhett sent Da Goze home with this joke. I was apprehensive at first knowing how Rhett's jokes can often go to sheep humping in a moments notice, but I need not have worried.

        Da Goze will relate the joke to you now in spite of his reputation as the “joke killer”, or the “man who can reduce the funniest situation to awkward silence in 30 seconds.”

        A middle aged couple sat on the couch watching TV. The husband kept switching the channels back and forth between the “bass fishing” channel and the “porn”network.

        After about 15 minutes the wife said, “For God's sake honey, just leave it on the porn channel.”

        “Why the porn channel?”, he asked.

        “Well you already know how to bass fish dear.”

        And that's how Goze goes,

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