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Re: [clubpuck] Fw: PCC's Schedule and updates. [1 Attachment]

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  • Amy Cannon
    Wait, didn t save that as a PDF.... I really need sleep. Try this one.
    Message 1 of 15 , Oct 20, 2012
    Wait, didn't save that as a PDF.... I really need sleep. 

    Try this one.

    On Sat, Oct 20, 2012 at 12:17 AM, Amy Cannon <amy.m.cannon@...> wrote:
    Nope. Use this....

    On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 3:41 PM, Ben Phipps <swimmerscantrun@...> wrote:
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    Alright Club Puck PCC's team, attached is the schedule for the weekend. Let plan to arrive early to discuss formation and subbing.

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    Subject: PCC's Schedule and updates.

    • We are still using the 2008 WAA rules to be found here: http://usauwh.com/quizzes/
    • We are allowing free substitution after a point
    • Delay of game (corner rule) applies - second person must bring the puck out. 

    • Okay we are doing a 1.5 RR because some ppl thought a double round robin  (with 10 min halves) was too much. (sorry for the delay in changing this). If you have strong opinion to let me know ASAP. 
    • Games will be 12min halves with 2 min half time. No timeouts in regulation
    • For finals, games will be 15 min long with 1 time out per team. 
    • Look at the schedule and let me know if you see major problems. Yes, every team will have a only a one game break at some point - so dont complain about that. 
    • There is only 4 min to get the next game started, be in on time, get out on time and have your refs ready to go ASAP. 
    • Don't forget I need all USOA dues and waivers before you can play. Make sure you get them to me at 9:15am tomorrow morning. 
    • All Canadians must sign the waiver and get it to me. 
    • If you have problems or need anything you can call/text my cell phone at 269-783-5269
    • I will have limited access to e-mail (i'm cheap and dont have data!)

    If you have any major concerns (ie. Schedule wise) call or e-mail me. 


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