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Fw: [sfuwh] Thursday 6/2 8-10 pm practice

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  • Terry Sutton
    In case anyone is planning to come to City Hockey Thursday. --T
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2011
      In case anyone is planning to come to City Hockey Thursday.


      > Hi Sea Lions - Our time slot for Thursday is under revision by Rec and
      > Parks, part of the new organization of pool rentals. For this week we
      > will have one lane to warm up starting at 8 pm and then the whole pool
      > at 8:30 pm and until 10 pm. We promised to get out of the building by
      > 10:15, so it will be a time to demonstrate that we can be fast when
      > needed.
      > We are still negotiating things with R&P and the polo team, so
      > hopefully we may shift our Thurs practice to an earlier start soon.
      > Don't expect it to go back to 7:30 though. We'll send another email
      > before next Thurs with an update.
      > This change may have been triggered by many things, but quite likely
      > the fact that we are never there ready to get in the water at 7:30
      > played a role. Please note that showing up late hurts our pool times!
      > We expect much less of these "hey guys you've been moved" things once
      > we are paying per hour under an MOU agreement.
      > See you guys Thursday,
      > Gus, Tom, Roxanne
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