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Fwd: Jerk-offs, screw-ups, and dry heaves.....June 7th!

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  • Rich Gray
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      Subject: Jerk-offs, screw-ups, and dry heaves.....June 7th!

      To anyone who can usher out an era,

             Here's the tentative plan for pulling  out the remaining sport court at SJSC on June 7th:

            Arrive at 5pm with a cordless screw gun and philps tips if you've got 'em.  Some large plastic cleaning brushes will also be useful.  Some gloves to protect your hands in the water (or on deck) may be appreciated.   We will need deck people and water people so be prepared to get wet.  We will divide into three teams: The Jerk-offs, the Screw-ups, and the Dry-heaves.

            The Jerk-offs, led by Kendall, will start removing the shallow court sections and handing them up to the people on the deck (the Dry-heaves).  After they have removed the shallow court they will start to remove the deep court sections (which should be prepped by then).  After the deep court has been removed the jerk-offs will scrub the middle of the courts where the brush from the deck can't reach.  The jerk-offs should try to fan all the debris from their scrubbing over to the area being actively vacuumed so we suck up as much into the vacuum as possible.  Please pick up any big pieces, screws, and other hardware and hand them up to the dry-heaves for proper disposal, and so they don't get sucked up into the vacuum or stepped on.

            The Dry-heaves, led by Rhett, will hoist the deck pieces out of the pool as the Jerk-offs bring them to the surface.  When the wall sections from the deep court come up they will unscrew the wall sections from the sport court and load the wall sections into Greg's truck.  They will also be disposing of the miscellaneous trash that the Jerk-offs bring up from the bottom and also keeping the pool deck clean and safe.  During this whole time the Dry-heaves will be running the vacuum from the deck, concentrating on the areas with the heaviest algae.  In tandem with the vacuum operator, someone scrubbing the bottom with the broom on the long aluminum stick.  The jerk-offs will eventually start scrubbing and sweeping the algae over to where the vacuum is operating.

             The Screw-ups, led by Goze, will start by unscrewing the walls from each other, unscrewing the goals, then removing the screws from the plastic reinforcing in the corners of the deep court.  The jerk-offs can start removing the interior sections of the deep court if they are ready before the screw-ups are completely done.  As soon as the speaker holes start to be exposed in the deep playing area the screw-ups will start installing the speaker covers.

              If any team completes their tasks they should just join in with another group that has not finished.

               The Club will provide some pizzas for all the workers.

               Hope to see you all,

      Goze, KB and the Duke

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