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  • Carol Rose
    To All USOAUnderwater Hockey & USOA personnel: December2010 Some generalinformation: Your USOA dues and the Hockey Development Fund
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2010
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      To All USOA Underwater Hockey & USOA personnel:            December 2010
      Some general information: Your USOA dues and the Hockey Development Fund contribution (CenCal dues too) are tax deductible. USOA is an IRS 501C3 charitable organization: USOA tax ID 51-1175361
      I only send tax receipts to individuals who ‘contributed’ more than $50 in the year, and I write all receipts by 1 January for previous year. I have written the 2010 receipts, and they will be in mail by the end of the 2010 year. The mainly affected hockeyites are the Colombia teams members and staff  and the Skin Spear WC guys.
      Another point, if you are a USOA officer/director/elected committee member, your non reimbursed related expenses are deductible: travel to attend meetings, phone, postage, printing/copying, etc.
      Unfortunately, if you take the ‘standard deduction’ and do not itemize on your income taxes, the tax receipt is only good for starting fires or making paper airplanes. If you do itemize, the deduction goes on Schedule A, line 16 Contributions:
                        501C3 Underwater Society of America …. $XXXX
      And you should have receipts where possible and journal of activities in support of your deduction. Questions? Contact me and I’ll try to answer. I am not, repeat not, an accountant, so I am working only from experience – 2 audits!

      Carol Rose
      President USOA

      53C Appian Way, South San Francisco CA 94080 USA
      650 583 8492 land line - preferred contact
      650 583 6184 fax
      650 224 8353 cell - lives mainly in car unless I am traveling
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