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Re: [clubpuck] nationals is coming up

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  • Terry Sutton
    Kendall, You forgot Option 4-- I m going to Nationals. Period. Am willing to play on A team or B team as appropriate. Put me down for #4. Duke says he can
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 18, 2010
      You forgot Option 4-- I'm going to Nationals.  Period.  Am willing to play on A team or B team as appropriate.
      Put me down for #4.  Duke says he can get me ready for A level between now & then.  I trust him completely.  And i am perfectly willing to play on the team to which I am fairly assigned.

      From what I understand nationals are now to be held in Gainesville, FL June 25-26-27. Last year we fielded two teams, one that won the national championship and another that finished way down in the standings. Who was on which team wasn't announced until we got to the tournament. This left some of those on the "B" team with the feeling "if only I had known ... maybe I wouldn't have gone, maybe I would have recruited some stronger players," etc.
      Hopefully we can avoid repeating some of those feelings if we talk out what we plan to do ahead of time and then stick to our plan. In the more distant past we have split into two or more even teams for nationals, similar to what we did for the CA tournament last year. The difference now is that the nationals competition is much stronger and deeper than it was then so that it is unlikely we could field two teams that would be competitive in the "A" division. Still, fielding two equal level teams is an option that can be discussed. Personally, as we are talking about nationals, I think we should put forth our best effort to defend our national championship by sending our strongest team possible. If we do this and we have more people interested in going than one team's worth we will need to have some sort of selection process.
      Here's a discussion-starter proposal:
      Encourage everyone to declare one of the following on or before May 11:
      1) I'd like to be considered for the Club Puck "A" team, and, if selected I'm committed to going. If not selected for the "A" team  I'll reevaluate  my options regarding nationals at that time.
      2) I'm interested in going to nationals but I really don't want to play on the "A" team.
      3) I won't be going to nationals with Club Puck this year.
      Have a 3 to 5 person selection committee select the best possible team and announce their decision by May 20th. The committee should include players that are committed to making a majority of practices between now and then especially to be able to evaluate the rapidly improving "newer" players (and to a hopefully lesser degree the decline of the "older" players :-) . The committee can decide details like whether they select 10, 11 or 12 players, whether they reserve a spot for a last minute waffler or not, etc. The important thing is that everybody knows what is going on (and if there are any caveats) by the deadline of May 20th.
      That leaves time (5 weeks and a day till the tournament) for those not selected to evaluate the level and fun factor of a potential "B" team, recruit additional players if necessary and/or find other teams to play on.
      Please comment in general and/or on the specifics of the proposal.
      UF in their home pool will be a force this year. They have several seniors that will end up who knows where next year so they are likely feeling that this is "their year". With the LA guys playing all over the country whenever they can and the Cinci boys growing up (never saw that coming), not even to mention various possible whore teams, we should have plenty of competition. Let's go see if we can pull it off one more time...

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