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Re: [clubpuck] Views of UWH in San Jose

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  • Scott Tucker
    Yes bad press is better than no press. The sport, or any sport for that matter, is not for everyone.  Yes I m annoyed that normally the coverage we get ends
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 15, 2010
      Yes bad press is better than no press.
      The sport, or any sport for that matter, is not for everyone.  Yes I'm annoyed that normally the coverage we get ends up in the "life" section or "community affairs" part of a paper or news piece and should we ever make it to a sports section it is "on the lighter side."  But really any exposure is good, in MIGHT reach somebody that thinks it is a great idea who might never have heard of the sport otherwise.
      At this point the impression given or details of the sport in a "news" article or any other form of media turns somebody off from playing they probably weren't going to like it anyway.  This is very small niche sport.  We see swimmers and polo players all the time who might stick around and even after much personal one on one time with our non-creepy sports ambassadors they still just shrug it off and don't want to play.  And those are the water people.  Honestly the people that seem to be hooked and in the long term contribute to our sports population hear the words "UNDERWATER HOCKEY" and say that is for me i'm going to try it out.  And they play and they will play regardless of whether or not the description of the game they were given is accurate or not.
      So yes any way the name gets out there the better, misinformed or not, though obviously an accurate account of the game is better its just hard to expect anymore.

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      I certainly didn't really think of that forum as press, but the quote was one we've used from time to time.  Sorry if it confused!

      I'm not sure that we should avoid the press because we fear that they will spectacularize us.  People find this sport fascinating (even if it isn't depicted properly all the time), so even if they make us seem part of the "circus", it's more interesting than some people's real (boring) lives.


      Sean Avent wrote:

      No, we can't stop people from talking behind our backs (that wasn't really the issue).  The point was that if we get a chance to get in the press, is it worth the effort, especially considering how many news stations like to spectacularize us?  We''re just another part of the circus called life, right? I think it may do more harm than good and in the end we usually have no control over that content.

      On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Brigit <hockeybrigit@ comcast.net> wrote:

      I agree, actually, but unfortunately we can't stop conversation from going on "behind our backs" in which misinformation is given constantly.  I've been at this sport for many years (I've run out of fingers and toes to count them...) and the misconceptions have never gotten better.  That's the first problem--the visual of our sport is completely outrageous, even if they've never heard of it.  I even carry a picture in my wallet that gives a better visual of the sport than the first impression in their heads when you say "underwater hockey". 

      If we had someone on the inside, we could take over the Ice Truckers timeslot and do a fascinating reality underwater hockey show, even for one season!!!  That would do it!

      Sean Avent wrote:
      Is bad press really better than no press?  I've been thinking about his to some extent, especially witheh news stations (another one as of this morning) wanting to do stories.  If gettign the press takes effort and the press is invaiably bad, then is it worth it? 
      I say no.  I think I'd have a better chance of someone trying hockey if they has heard nothing of the sport rather than having been told previously that the sport was rough and that you need to be an expert swimmer. I think that outweighs any benefit from that person passing on any info of the sport to others. First impressions are very powerful.
      On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 3:33 PM, Brigit <hockeybrigit@ comcast.net> wrote:

      Funny!  I guess better to get bad press than none at all...

      Sean Avent wrote:
      I was searching for something and came across this thread.  It reveals how others who have heard of our sport view it.

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