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Fw: End of Year Update-UW Hockey

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  • Mary Jo Ferris
    First of all, Patty & I and everyone on the Development Board would like to wish everyone a great and happy new year in 2009.  We have been on the job for a
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      First of all, Patty & I and everyone on the Development Board would like to wish everyone a great and happy new year in 2009.  We have been on the job for a year now and I hope you have been encouraged by what we are doing for development.  But we are not yet satisfied, by any means.  One of our goals is to do more for you and less organizing.  So much of 2008 was getting the framework set up for great things to occur in the future.

      Not that we were without great things last year!  We have regional directors in place organizing tournament play and clinics in their area.  We had our first symposium on underwater hockey.  We have a fresh website with many different ways to get information to you.  We have sent out more than eight "Club in the Box" kits for new developing teams. 2008 was a busy year with much more to come in this new year.

      Below, you will find some new things that have occurred in December of which you might not be aware.  Also you will find a few things that we are working on right away for this year. Don’t forget to look for regional updates on the website.  Wishing you the best in 2009!

      Tom & Patty Redig
      Development Directors
      U.S. Underwater Hockey

      New Items - End of the Year 2008

      1) The Beginner's Underwater Hockey DVD is ready to go.  We have it and are ready to ship it out to anyone who is interested.  The cost is $5 for one or 5 for $20.  What a great thing for new players to have to continue to develop their skills!  I think you will be impressed. Many people were involved with this production, but a special thanks to the many hours that Tyera Eulberg put into this project.  Contact Tom or Patty if interested in purchasing this product.

      2) We have a beginner's clinic format to help support the DVD.  If you want to put on a beginners' clinic, you may be interested in this format. It was tested at Michigan State University's clinic and it received very good reviews.  Again, feel free to contact your national or regional directors for more information.  We are always looking for places to host beginner clinics and people to help support them.

      3) We know have a tournament in a box ready to be shipped.  This will help support those regional tournaments.  There are 4 of them ready to go.  Contact Carol Rose for more details.

      New Items for 2009

      1) Our incentive program.  Our goal for 2009 is for everyone who plays underwater hockey to be USOA due-paying members.  We developed this incentive plan to encourage all members to join.  Your club leaders will receive more information about this program.  In summary:  There will be three categories for the incentive program.
      Category 1:  For the club with the highest raw number increase over last year's membership.
      Category 2:  For the club with the largest percent increase over last year's membership.
      Category 3:  For the new club, established in 2008 or 2009, with the greatest increase in total numbers. (2008's membership is assumed to be zero.)
      The deadline for this competition is March 31, 2009.  So there is an incentive to get your players to sign up early.
      Prize: A new competition puck for the winners of each category.

      2) Logo competition.  We are looking for a new logo for USA Underwater Hockey.  Submit your logo by March 31, 2009.  The development board will determine the 2 best logos and membership will vote on the one they want to represent our underwater hockey efforts.  The submitters of the top 2 logos will have their dues refunded by the development board.

      3) With the addition of Ben Holtzman as the College Liaison, we only have a few empty directorships remaining. We still need regional directors for high school and the southeast region.  We could also split up the west region where Sean Avent is covering the whole region.  I would really like someone to step up and fill these positions.  I would be happy to give you more information or talk to you if you're interested.

      4) Looking for best practices in recruiting and maintaining players.  We would like to come up with a list of ideas so everyone could learn what is working and what to maybe avoid.  You will probably see this as the main theme for this year.

      5) Keeping the flow of information going both directions.  Please know that you can always email any of us on the development board by going to our website at usauwh.com.  Patty & I will continue to inform you through the web and our hockey group site at usunderwater-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.
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