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    Dear members of the American underwater hockey community, As many of you may know, USOA Underwater Hockey has been working very hard to create a development
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2007
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      Dear members of the American underwater hockey community,

      As many of you may know, USOA Underwater Hockey has been working very hard to create a development program for our sport in the United States. A small committee, The Development Board, has been working since Nationals to devise ideas on how to develop our sport and how to fund this proposed development.

      In January 2007, it was decided to create a formal development program with a partially funded position of U.S. Development Director. Names were gathered of those who were interested in this position, and after interviewing several fine candidates and reviewing their proposals and after much deliberation and consideration, Tom and Patty Redig have been chosen to be the Development Directors. Also, beginning in 2008, there will be a national underwater hockey treasurer, Wendy Okafuji, who will keep track of incoming funds and expenses.

      The major issue was funding for the Development Director position. One major donation has provided the seed money to begin our development efforts, but on-going funding is necessary as approximately $10-12,000 is needed annually.  The results we hope for and expect will not come without some additional cost. 

      Several funding ideas have been adopted that will take effect in 2008:
      1) An increase in annual dues for underwater hockey players -      +$10/person

      2) A small per player fee at all tournaments (PCCs, Denver, Charleston,      4/4, MSU and others as they develop) to be included in entry fee

      3) A small fee per participant at all clinics, workshops, ref classes, high      level play events such as the SHEDs, WHEWs, etc to be included in      registration/entry fee.

      4) An emphasis on ALL players in ALL clubs joining USOA and paying annual dues - not just those who participate in tournaments.  We simply need to have all American underwater hockey players become USOA members and pay the annual USOA dues in order to fund these development projects.  

      USOA Dues:      ********
      An individual’s dues are currently $15    
                     for 2008              $25
      Second member(s) in the same household currently $5 each
                     for 2008              $15
      A $5 per-person fee at all USOA events, such as tournaments and clinics, will be included as part of entry/registration fee.

      Membership forms for 2008 will have an extra dues column for underwater hockey. Be assured, all fees are still tax deductible, and members only need write one check - to USOA.

      What do we all get for our money?  The development plan is to increase play in all aspects:
      to support creation of new clubs,
      to improve the level of play with more local and regional clinics,

      to encourage the recruitment of new players at current teams and clubs,

      to increase the number of regional tournaments and events to allow for more play and more competition opportunities,

      to organize more high level events such as SHEDs and WHEWs and

      to improve the level of refereeing by training more and better referees      through more frequent referee clinics,
           the development of regional referees and
           dedicated referees for all levels of competitions.

      So, please inform your club and/or team members of the changes in the USOA fee structure beginning in 2008. 

      Questions regarding the Development Program should be directed to Tom and Patty: tomredig@...


      Carol Rose

      Gregory Appling

      Mary Jo Ferris-Fischer and the members of the National Development Board

      ***** For CenCal hockey clubs, CenCal dues are the same: $15
      therefore hockey dues total CenCal $15 + USOA $25   = $40
      for a family such as the Grimms or Banks or mine:
      CenCal $15 x 2 = $30  + USOA $25 + $15 = $40     = total $70      make check to CenCal


      Carol Rose, President
      Underwater Society of America
      53C Appian Way
      South San Francisco CA 94080
      650 583 8492
      650 583 6184 fax
      650 224 8353 cell

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